/How Does Alcoholism Treatment Begin
How Does Alcoholism Treatment Begin

How Does Alcoholism Treatment Begin


People with alcohol addiction are usually perceived as spoiled, irresponsible, received “wrong education” and found themselves in “bad company”. In fact, alcoholism is a disease, not a sign of a bad character. And such a patient needs the right treatment. No folk remedies, advice from friends, help from dubious specialists are unacceptable here. I need a doctor.

Treatment of alcohol addiction is one of the main areas of work of the New Life clinic. Our experts provide professional assistance at all stages.

First of all, you need to convince the person that he is sick, and he needs the help of a doctor. This is not always easy. If the relatives cannot cope on their own, a psychologist visits the house and conducts an intervention – a special procedure, the result of which will be the person’s voluntary consent to treatment for alcoholism.

Treatment of alcoholism at the first stage includes:

Withdrawal from hard drinking and detoxification. The doctor “cleans” the patient’s body with a dropper, prescribes drugs that help improve the condition of the organs and eliminate symptoms.

Treatment of alcoholic delirium (delirium tremens). They introduce drugs that help relieve excitement and stop dangerous disorders from the nervous system and internal organs.

It is highly desirable to carry out these activities in a hospital, but you can carry out detoxification at home.

Many patients and their relatives perceive this procedure as a panacea, but this is not the case. Coding is just one of the stages in the treatment of alcoholism. It eliminates physical dependence, but then you need to cope with psychological dependence and consolidate the result. The next step helps with this.


The rehabilitation course includes various famous programs and other psychotherapeutic methods, art therapy, occupational therapy, and general strengthening of the body. This stage is the most difficult and longest. Someone is helped by one small course, someone will need support for the rest of their lives.

The likelihood of relapse will largely depend on the quality of care for alcoholism at the stage of rehabilitation. You can code an addict many times, but if the treatment for alcoholism is not completed, if he does not learn to find pleasure in life without alcohol, doctors will have to return again and again. And each time the effect, at best, will only last for a while.

IrisHealing is a team of experienced professionals who have saved thousands of lives Effective help for both male and female alcoholism.

Modern methods with proven effectiveness, the best experience of American and European colleagues.

A guarantee of lasting remission – if the patient and relatives will conscientiously follow the recommendations of the doctors.

Anonymous treatment for alcoholism: information about the patient will not leave the clinic.

Private but honest medicine. We work exclusively in the interests of the patient, and in confirmation of this, there are numerous reviews from patients and their relatives.

Comprehensive assistance. Each patient receives treatment for alcoholism according to an individual plan.