/Hormonal Acne In Women – Finding The Best Treatment

Hormonal Acne In Women – Finding The Best Treatment


Men and women can become the victim of hormonal acne but the tendency of women to grab hormonal acne is quite higher. The main reason behind this fact is that the hormonal level of women faces a number of disturbances during the time of puberty, menstruation cycle and also during pregnancy. There are several different signs out of most important three signs we have stated above. If women experience irregular menstrual cycle they can get hormonal acne and if the growth of hair is excessive in some cases it can also lead to acne problems.

Those women who have oily skin can get hormonal acne symptoms and they can become worse with the passage of time. In the same manner those who have a higher level of androgen in their body they can get the same acne problems and until the root cause is not fixed the growth of acne can continue.

Those women who are suffering from the symptoms of hormonal acne will see that lesion start appearing on the jaw line and the chin normally. Chin acne hormonal symptoms are equal to the acne jawline women symptoms. Apart from the acne on jaw line and chin area it can also appear on the chest and on the back but the chances of it appearing on the facial structure are greater. Most of these blemished are not severe can appear like the inflammatory papules, come-dones and the small inflammatory nodules. Chin acne women symptoms need to be dealt quite quickly as they leave dark spots or marks on the skin if not treated well and on time.

Before choosing any hormonal acne treatment for women it is very important to examine why the acne is developing and how the reasons can be stopped. First of all it is important to know that those women who have an oily skin have the greater chances of developing acne. The production of sebum will force the pores to become clogged and this will eventually cause the production of acne.

Hormonal acne natural treatment can be some what tricky for the teenagers especially as the hormones keep on changing and developing with the passage of time. So only one typical treatment will not help in getting the desired results and it will require a combination of one or more treatments. When the hormonal level comes to some level of stability it will become easy for the medicines to act accordingly and the acne will also start responding to the applied treatments.

There are many women who do not treat acne problems during their teenage time period and this can eventually lead to worse problems during the late 20s and 30s. During the menstrual cycle the breakouts can become worse and cause women to experience very painful symptoms.

At any stage of acne it is important to look for a suitable treatment for hormonal acne and manage to work with commitment and dedication as it will eventually help in dealing with the symptoms. Most of the women become worried and at the same time use multiple treatments, which actually bring more harm then doing good. So, it is recommended to use one type of treatment and the natural remedies are preferred as they do not have any side effects but can do wonders.