/Hair Loss – Is It a Sign of Some Serious Health Issue?
Hair Loss

Hair Loss – Is It a Sign of Some Serious Health Issue?


The term Alopecia describes loss of hair, thinning of hair and baldness. Losing hair is a natural process in all human beings and is normal during the growth cycle of hair. It is usually assumed that if someone has a head full of hair, he/she loses hundred of scalp hair in 24 hours while brushing, combing or washing up the hair. It is normal to shed hair but the actual problem arises when someone starts shedding excessive amount of hair or having thin hair.

What Are the Causes of Hair Loss?

There are a number of reasons behind the problem that cause hair loss. In a generalized sense it can be caused due to high fever, insufficient supply of proteins to the body for a prolong period, deficiency of iron in blood, strong medication or sever infections, cancer laser treatment, depression or high stroke, baby birth and thyroid glands diseases and many others but in all these conditions hair loss is not straight off apparent. Besides this the products you use for washing up your hair or the things you use for styling your hair such as tight rollers and typical pins can also cause temporary hair loss.

There is a contagious patchy hair loss program in which hair starts removing in a big patch due to dandruff. This is quite common especially in kids and women. The most severe type of hair loss is baldness which is common in men and is caused by a sex hormone known as androgen. The other strong cause may be heredity which affects both men and women but women do not lose their hair completely.


There may be different symptoms that appear due to hair loss like small patches, the skin looks soft and small in area in this condition. They can be of different sizes and shapes like oval, round and oblong. It can appear in different ways and depends upon the reason such as thinning of hair from front head.

Is It Necessary To Consult With A Doctor?

If someone notices the unusual symptoms like patchy hair loss or shedding more hair than the usual, it is the time to consult with a doctor. Doctor may ask some peculiar questions about your diet, treatment or medication that you have been taking earlier or if you have a serious illness. He may also suggest some tests such as blood tests, biopsy or physical examination to diagnose the problem.


There are different treatment methods available these days for every type of hair loss. After diagnoses, the doctor may prescribe some vitamin supplement if there is a deficiency or iron in blood. These pills are very helpful in stopping or slowing down the hair loss. Advance techniques have also been developed such as laser therapy, replant ion or some scalp reduction. If someone does not want to go those treatments methods, he might like to use wig which can make a slight difference in his lifestyle.

If you do not want to take medications you can go for coconut oil remedy for hair growth.


It can be said that almost everyone faces hair loss problem sometime in his or her life which might be a normal aging process but in adolescence shedding hair can be a symptom of some kind of disease, therefore, it should not be ignored and must consult to a doctor.