/Hair Loss Causes & Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Causes & Hair Loss Treatment


No matter if you are a man or a woman, hair loss is a very common problem for both genders these days that affects a huge number of people in their daily lives. However, it case of a woman, it actually ruins her life as it is said that the real beauty of a girl lies in her hair which is very true.

There are various causes of continuous hair fall and these causes of falling of hair vary in different men and women. In natural hair cycling there are 3 phases as anagen, catager and telogen. The first phase anagen is when the hairs are growing or active. In the second phase of catagen, hairs start getting weak while in the third phase of natural hair cycle the hairs begin breaking down and continuously fall.

Generally the hair loss is not due to the systematic problem or any other internal disease factor but a pre-poor diet might be responsible factor or pre-determined genetic factor or family heritage can be a strong reason and for sure, the aging process too. Sometimes it also happens that even a small factor in life such as temporary but serious stress, hormonal disorder, nutritional changes, and disorder in pregnancy disorder in puberty or menopause may also cause severe hair loss. Some of the health condition or disease such as thyroid disease, iron deficiency might also cause this problem, hence it becomes very vital to cut these underlying causes of which arises due to the basic health issues.

If someone has gone through the painful treatment of chemotherapy sometime in his or her life, there will be hundred percent chances to develop hair loss issue and this is truly considered one of the most common and severe side effects of chemotherapy. In some cases it has also been observed that a harsh hair loss session begins during or after cancer treatment.

The diagnosis of this issue is very important especially in case of a girl. If you are facing hair loss issue, you should definitely visit your family doctor or a dermatologist who is specialized in skin, hair and nails and you must seek for advanced diagnose as well as a proper treatment of hair falling or thinning problems.

Treatments of Hair Loss

  1. The equality and texture of hair can be maintained very well by washing and drying hair gently.
  2. The best and most common natural home remedy to tackle with hair loss issue is the oil message which is very essential and can help to jeep the scalp hair healthy.
  3. Another home based treatment for hair loss is the combination of egg’s yolks with honey. On applying this mixture in the scalp hair will definitely bring satisfactory result and it will be proved to a long term solution for hair loss.
  4. The most valuable tip and natural remedy to recover hair loss is the use of aloe Vera. Use of aloe Vera as a Conditioner provides great benefit to get healthy hair.

Beautiful, healthy, long and thick hairs are among the greatest gifts of God to the human beings. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every individual to keep them safe and healthy because of the fact that a person’s personality is incomplete without hair and hair loss issue is indeed an enemy of the beauty.