/What Is Guttate Psoriasis And How You Can Beat It?
Guttate Psoriasis

What Is Guttate Psoriasis And How You Can Beat It?


Guttate psoriasis can be described as a special type of psoriasis which can occur in children and adults both, regardless of the age factor. Due to its special appearance it is called as guttate, which comprises of small teardrop shaped lesions growing on the trunk, legs and arms and covered with the silver color scales of skin which has over grown significantly. If we compare it with other types of psoriasis guttate psoriasis is quite different and most people under the age of thirty can develop this psoriasis.

It is a step by step development of infection which starts from respiratory tract and throat, which in their initial stage do not appear to be harmful. The symptoms are quite close to the normal infections which can be linked with the normal infections of the above stated area. It is to be noted that this infection is not contagious at all and can be treated easily with the help of anti-psoriasis medication.

Guttate psoriasis symptoms are inherited in most of the cases and it is confirmed that one of the parents, might have the same symptoms. There are various different types of genes which cause psoriasis but the roots to it have not been found yet. Till now, it has not been confirmed why people have different types of psoriasis while having same genes and symptoms. It is rather a complex development which needs to be addressed and examined in depth. In the same manner guttate psoriasis causes are not obvious and hence it can get difficult to understand the symptoms on time.

Research done till now has confirmed that guttate psoriasis is caused to due to throat and respiratory infections. What happens is that antibodies form, due to the infection, against the normal aspects of skin. This results in the rapid growth of skin tissues which overlap each other.

Other factors which trigger psoriasis can be due to the bacterial infections, skin injuries, insect bites and burn. If you are on the medication meant for stress problems, sunburn or over exposure and heart problems the affect of the medicines can lead to psoriasis in some cases. In a few cases it has been reported that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to psoriasis. If you have a weak immune system than the symptoms of guttate psoriasis can get complex.

There are a few decent guttate psoriasis treatments, which can help in eliminating the symptoms. The most common guttate psoriasis cure is the application of strong cortisone cream or hydrocortisone on the affected area, which helps in stopping the production of extra cells. The application of lotions is recommended if compared with the creams, reason is that lotions mostly include alcohol. But your doctor will recommend the best treatment depending on the condition of psoriasis.

Guttate psoriasis diet will include all of those food items, which are not spicy and contain a less percentage of fat. Fatty food items trigger an imbalance in the hormonal system, which can lead to further complications of the skin tissues. Whereas the spicy food items have the same effect, hence you need to avoid the above stated food types. Prevention is the best cure which can help you out in recovering fast and reducing the symptoms of guttate psoriasis.