/Guttate Psoriasis – Why To Treat At Home?

Guttate Psoriasis – Why To Treat At Home?


Psoriasis is usually found in young adults and looks like a small, pinkish drop on the skin. Word Guttate is derived from a Latin word Gutta which means drop. It is usually triggered out by bacterial infection such as stero throat. It may occur in the form of water drop shaped on body trunk, arms, chest and scalp. Initially it starts when a person is cleared up with infection. After several weeks of infection a red drop sort of spot occur on the body.

At first it appears small and it feels itchy but when it is scratches or rubbed, it causes more itchiness and with the passage of time this spot grows. Some of them might create a pale and bit yellow area in the center. There is no specific place on the body where it can occur. The spot can appear anywhere at the body such as arms, legs, bottom, back, torso, eyelids or neck along with the lower part of neck. It is a noncontiguous type of disease.

The outcome or trigger to this skin disease is usually a streptococcal (bacteria) infection. Another reason of Guttate Psoriasis may be inherited. The origination of Guttate Psoriasis can also be a result of immune reaction as it is responsibility of immune system to create white blood cells to safeguard the whole body and provide protection against viruses and infections. Now what matters in the case of psoriasis is that a kind of white blood cell which is medically termed as T- Cells reacts abnormally and causes inflammation in the skin thus resulting in the production of excess skin cells. There are two main factors that trigger out Guttate Psoriasis;

  • Streptococcal Infection
  • Viral Infection

Why Early Diagnosis is Important?

Early diagnose of guttate psoriasis can increase the chances of proper medication for the disease. Doctors may prescribe exams and medical test such as skin biopsies which are quite necessary to confirm if it really exists. Blood test can also be helpful in confirming the patient’s chances to have had a streptococcal infection recently.

Why to Treat At Home?

Between the stages of mild to moderate, Guttate Psoriasis can be treated at home. The Moisture barrier ointment keeps the affected skin area moist to avoid extreme itching. After taking bath if thick moisture is applied on the spot, it will help a lot in keeping the skin soft. The doctor can prescribe some antibiotics such as erythromycin (inflammation reducer), rifampin or penicillin to treat bacterial infections but the long use of these highly powered antibiotics at last leaves side effects on human body which may lead to kidney failure or blood pressure related problems.

So despite taking medical treatment, self care with herbal treatment is most satisfying step to be taken to remove Guttate Psoriasis. As far as photo-therapy is concerned, sunlight can help in clearing out this type of Psoriasis. In some people the ultraviolet rays (UV) helps to reduce Guttate Psoriasis symptoms.

What To Do In Severe Condition?

These measures can help in case of mild or moderate stages of Guttate Psoriasis but if an individual is diagnosed with severe condition then it may need additional treatment such as systematic drugs. Finally all types of Psoriasis are experienced to occur when the white blood cells T – Cells starts malfunctioning because of some infection. This disease can be controlled if diagnosed at an early stage.