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Fingernail Psoriasis


There different types of psoriasis, which can occur with various symptoms and their treatments, are also done accordingly. Here are many people who confuse nail fungus with nail psoriasis but basically these are two different diseases and their treatments are also different. Nail psoriasis causes are common in those people who have different types of psoriasis symptoms already. Psoriasis disease basically causes changes in the structure of nails located on the foot and fingers and they appear to be infected. There is a lot of pain associated with the nail psoriasis and it makes it difficult for the people suffering from psoriasis to manage their daily activities easily.

The common symptoms of nail psoriasis are that your nails will start resembling a thimble. In the same manner the surface of your nails will look appear coated, with pits and grains which will also roughen the appearance of the nails. This is due to the loss of some important cells which are located on the surface of the nail plate. In many cases nails will start losing contact from the point where they are connected with the finger, that is, the base point. Hollow spaces which are white in color will start appearing under the nails. In the initial stages these hollow spaces re basically located on the top, which gradually move towards the root of the nail. Nails might lose their normal color and will appear raised above the bed of the nail. These are the most common nail psoriasis symptoms, which might get worse over the time.

Nail pitting psoriasis is also one of the most common symptoms of psoriasis, which is caused to the lack of essential vitamins and mineral required for the growth of nails. The presence of psoriasis in nail matrix is the basic reason of this problem, which can further lead to discoloration and rough appearance of the nail plate. The nail psoriasis severity index can be easily measured with the help of above causes and symptoms.

There are many people who want to know how to treat nail psoriasis. It is basically a slow process which might take many months to cover as the growth of nails in slow. For the nails of fingers it might take 6 or more months while the foot nails might take up to a year or more for full recovery. This full recovery time period is used to describe the growth of nails right from the base. Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins, which can help in curing with the help of different ointments, creams and capsules. For external application there are various medicines and it’s recommended to soak the fingers and nails in luke warm water for some time to allow the medicine to penetrate deeply in the nails. Nail psoriasis treatment at home, can be done with the help of some natural moisturizers. You can use the moisturizer around the nails and soften the area; this will help in reducing the symptoms greatly.

Till now there is no definite nail psoriasis cure, all you need to do is choose a range of different treatments, which respond in a good manner. Later you can start the treatment and then follow it for some time to get the best results. Do not lose hope as it will take time to eliminate the pain and symptoms completely.