/Find How Dieting Has an Effect on your Skin
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Find How Dieting Has an Effect on your Skin


Weight loss is a commendable goal for most of us and relatively difficult to achieve given our busy and overworked lives. They form part of New Year resolutions for many of us but by mid-February at least 70 percent of us are miserable and have reverted back to our normal mundane lives. Yet few of us stop to think of the effects that yoyo dieting or crash dieting can have on our lives, our bodies and our overall existence and well-being. The following effects have been well documented by scientific studies.

A Very Low Fat Diet Can Make You Look Older

Low carbohydrate and low fat diets have been the rage in the past, but recent research has proved that even this type of diet can have deficiencies and affect our overall health. Fats and lipids are needed to complete some really important bodily processes. There is both good and bad cholesterol, and our bodies cannot survive without it. Inadequate water intake combined with exercise that makes you sweat can leave you feeling tired and dehydrated. Moisturizing the skin with the help of a suitable product that contains fatty acids, cholesterol and ceramides can work to build up skin health and make you look younger at the same time.

Completely Avoiding Certain Food Groups Can Affect Your Health

I know that many vegans reading this will feel offended, but they are not really doing their body a favor by missing out on animal proteins. Fish, eggs, poultry and meats are all parts of a balanced diet and provide essential oils and fatty acids for our overall growth and well- being. If you choose to avoid fish, you can supplement this with flaxseed oil, a vegetable source alternative. Doing away with fruits and vegetables is likewise counter-productive as it can result in exposing the skin to UV damage from the sun.

Exercise Can Work to Slow Aging

I know it’s difficult, but the benefits to making exercise part of our daily lives far outweigh the disadvantages. Exercise helps rejuvenate our bodies and keeps our minds away from stress. Once you do get used to even a simple exercise regimen, you will soon be reaping its benefits. Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body, helps mitochondria and reduces the level of cortisol or the stress hormone. Do remember to apply some kind of sunscreen or skin protection if you are spending a lot of time outdoors. Exercise can increase blood supply to the skin and make you look younger too. It is best to start small but be regular.

Having a Thin Face, Temple and Neck Makes You Look Older

The flushed skin of youth is always a sign of good health. While plumpness used to be ridiculed earlier, it is still preferable to being gaunt and having dry skin, as it gives one an old and haggard appearance. Dermatologists today are using injections such as Juvederm and Voluma to give the face a more youthful looking appearance.

The human body is a very complex machine, and the interconnections between body and mind, skin health and diet, exercise and overall well-being cannot be ignored and this article has shown how dieting can have an effect on our skin.