/Effective Methods For Drug Addiction Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment

Effective Methods For Drug Addiction Treatment


Drug addiction is a severe progressive disease that disrupts the physiological and mental state of the patient. Under the influence of toxins and poisons, all organs and systems suffer, the psyche is affected, the patient inevitably degrades as a person. Failure to provide assistance – a quick death.

At the Stages Recovery Centers, experienced specialists are waiting for you and your loved ones who will help you cope with various forms of addiction: methadone, marijuana, amphetamine and
drug addiction.

The high level of professionalism of the doctors and comprehensive systematic programs help to overcome the craving for drugs. We use proven modern and highly effective methods and drugs for drug addiction treatment.

Drug addiction treatment

For many years of practical activity, our specialists in narcology have formed a versatile comprehensive program for the treatment of drug addicts. The selection of methods is carried out purely individually for each patient.

They are aimed at removing not only physical but also psychological barriers. In addition, the clinic uses reliable modern methods of drug addiction treatment, such as:

Plasmapheresis. Rapid purification of blood from toxic drugs.

Laser irradiation of blood. Provides protection against poisonous aggressive compounds that overwhelm the body of the addict.

Xenon therapy. Has a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state. Panic attacks, anxiety, fear to disappear. Helps with withdrawal symptoms. It is carried out by inhalation – the patient inhales xenon.

Physiotherapy procedures. They include physiotherapy and massage complexes that have a relaxing effect on the body and psyche.

Anonymous addiction treatment

For many addicts and their relatives, it is extremely important that the patient undergoes therapy secretly, without registration. Treatment of drug addicts at the Profi-Detox clinic is carried out in full confidentiality and anonymity. All data about the patient and the complex of measures taken are kept under the strictest confidence.

The qualified anonymous assistance of the staff of our clinic helps drug addicts start a full life, completely get rid of negative consequences, thanks to which the risk of relapse is minimal.

Decrease or complete disappearance of craving for taking drugs.

Improvement of psycho-emotional components: energy, optimism appears, general well-being is restored, depression goes away, behavior becomes calm and even.

Thinking and memory are normalized, attention and the ability to act intellectually increase.

Compulsory drug addiction treatment

Not all addicts are fully aware of how seriously ill they are. Some patients lack strong-willed qualities and strength of character to quit and begin treatment for drug addiction. The psyche of patients is so changed that they cannot rebuild on their own and make a decision about healing.

There are a number of indications when compulsory drug addiction treatment will be an important step to be taken.