/7 Symptoms to Identify Dry Skin

7 Symptoms to Identify Dry Skin


With the beginning of the winter, people begin experiencing skin dryness and other skin related problems. During this season, skin loses its natural ability to shine and stay healthy and if it is not taken proper case, it gets even drier, rough and brittle. For some people this season comes as a fear and they really have to face various problems.

However, if you take proper care of your diet and use skin care products such as creams, lotions and other moisturizes, you can save your skin from the harmful effects of the weather. Now the question is how will you understand if you are really suffering from skin dryness or it is something else? Here is a list of some very common symptoms of dry skin which might be very helpful for you.

Skin Tightness

The first and the simplest rule to identify skin dryness is that you will skin tightness and this feeling gets more after you have taken bath, shower and or spent some time in swimming. In case of dryness. Skin also loses its elasticity and it gets stiffed which you can feel when your fingers are stretched.

Skin Redness and roughness

Another symptom of dry skin is redness and in this case skin gets red on cheeks, forehead and chin areas. Sometimes, you feel roughness that appears on arms, cheeks feet, heel and between fingers.

Fine Lines

You can also see fine lines which appear on skin. You cannot misjudged them as these are quite similar to the skin rashes but the difference is that they are white in cold. When you put pressure on your skin and touch it, you will observe white lines appearing which will leave long-lasting marks on your skin.

Skin Dehydration

In case of skin dryness, you will experience dehydration of skin and in this case, you will feel like the moisturizer and hydration has flushed out completely which will be quite irritating for some people.

Skin Rashes

When your skin get dry, you have small and ugly red marks on it which is quite natural but these rashes are considered to be really bad. They can disappear naturally but sometimes they get associated with itchiness which is even worse problem.

Skin Peeling

Skin peeling and scaling is basically a condition in which your skin begins shedding the top skin layers in an abnormal way. When your try to peel your skin, it will cause you pain as well as irritation.

Deep Fissures

Deep fissures and cracks is considered to be the most painful and irritating symptom of skin dryness. Deep fissures normally occur on hands, feet and lips and when it gets worse, you might also experience bleeding.

The above are some of the very common symptoms of dry skin and if you are experiencing any of them, you really need to take proper care of your skin to avoid any more problems. You should not wait for the symptoms to get worse but do something to avoid further damage to your skin.