/Dry Skin Rash – Protective Tips & Treatments – Part 1
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Dry Skin Rash – Protective Tips & Treatments – Part 1


A large number of people have to face a number of mild to severe skin related problems such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin rashes etc. These skin problems are usually the result of mismanaged lifestyle, unhealthy food choices, living in poor environment and the use of products that contain chemicals. All these factors play a major role in destroying your skin’s beauty. However, if you have decided to restore the natural beauty of your skin, it is never late and a proper living style with a proper treatment way and healthy dieting habits can help you get your goal.

How Can You Protect Your Skin?

  • If you have dry skin rashes or other skin issues, it is time for you to have a look at your diet and food choices. Green vegetables and fresh fruits along with all the necessary nutrients can help you build a protective layer to help your skin avoid getting damaged with the factors mentioned above.
  • Make sure that your beauty care and cosmetic products contain the natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals which are now commonly used in most of the skin care products. These chemicals may give quick results but the results will be quite damaging to your skin tissues.
  • It is also suggested by the experts that instead of using moisturizers on your skin use lotions which are more skin caring and keep the skin moist for comparatively a longer period without harming skin tissues.
  • In case of rash from dry skin, you should consume more liquid than you usually consume on regular basis. It is really important to keep your skin fully moisturized and fully hydrated and the best way to do this is to drink lots of water and other liquids such as juices and soft drinks.

The Simplest Way to Treat Dry Skin

A very simple way to treat dry itchy skin rash, you can have a bath with lukewarm water. Mix baby skin care oil in your bath water and rest in the tub for about fifteen minutes. The warm bath and oil will give a soften look to your skin. Though, you can also apply the oil or lotion on your skin right after you have had bath, the bathing with baby oil will be more useful. Someone people scrub or scratch the dry rash on skin while taking bath, this is absolutely wrong and even if you scrub the skin areas roughly, you will have problems.

Use of Water Based Creams

You can find various good water based skin care creams that you can apply on dry skin rash on hands and other areas after you have had bath or shower. However, make sure that you don’t buy and use the products which contain chemicals and alcohol.

Avoid Sun Exposure

If you have dry skin rash on legs or other spots, don’t go under the sun unnecessarily but find a shade or shelter to avoid direct exposure to the sun. Sunrays, dry wind, hot water and other sources of heat all are harmful for the beauty of your skin. Use a humidifier inside your house especially in the places where you spend the large part of your day such as TV Lounge or bedroom.

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