/Dry Skin Rash – Protective Tips & Treatments – Part 2
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Dry Skin Rash – Protective Tips & Treatments – Part 2


This article is the second part of a previously published article, and here we go with the rest of the tips and treatments of dry skin rashes.

Healthy Dieting

The best remedy to treat dry skin rash on neck and other skin area is the way to make right foods choices so your body can find itself fully energetic and healthy to fight against all kinds of germs and diseases. As mentioned earlier that the fresh fruits and green vegetables are really necessary, they must be the part of your diet plan. The healthy foods will get you healthy skin and overall body health but make sure that you don’t eat junk and processed foods which create many health issues.

The necessary vitamins and nutrients included in your foods will boost your metabolism and speed up the performance of all body organs including your liver, kidneys and heart. There are some of the best foods which can be the best detoxifier and antiseptic for your body. A perfect diet plan contains everything from veggies to dairy products as all of these foods sources have different qualities and health factors which play their role in one way or the other way to provide you with the best results. A balanced and healthy diet works from inside of your body; therefore, it should include fruits, vegetables, cabbage, wheat grass and green tea as well. Here are some other food items which you can include in your diet menu to cure dry skin rash neck and other affected areas.

  • Garlic is considered to be a combination of antiseptic, antiviral antibacterial, and decongestant. You should include garlic in your foods as a necessary ingredient to avoid a number of health problems including the dry skin rash on arms and other affected areas.
  • Corn is another great source of health which is especially good for those who are suffering from eczema. Corn is believed to have anti-cancer properties and is also great in enhancing nervous system functionality.
  • Watercress is another great food which is considered to be fully capable to smash up stones in your kidney or bladder. This food has the ability to purify the blood running in your body.

Skin Care Supplements

Another great source to take the best care of your skin and to get rid of dry skin rash around mouth and other skin areas is the use of skin care supplements which should contain vitamin E as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Both of these factors play a major role in improving the glow and softness in skin and help in maintaining the level of elasticity in your skin. Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids can treat the dry skin rash on back and other areas.


While you are looking for dry skin rash treatment, keep in mind that the wrong diagnosing of the problem can make your condition even worse as the wrong diagnosis will lead wrong treatment which may result in very painful situation. Therefore, it is highly advised that if you notice dry skin rashes on other painful skin problems; consult with your doctors rather than self medication.