/Cellulite – How To Live Cellulite Free Life?

Cellulite – How To Live Cellulite Free Life?


Cellulite is a medical term that is used to explain the dimpled skin appearance which is usually caused by extra fat deposits found beneath skin surface. It can be easily seen on skin around belly or abdomen, lower limbs, pelvic area, buttocks and thighs. It usually starts to appear after the puberty and is common in women because they have thick tissue layers on their bodies.

Major Causes

Major cause of cellulite has not been completely understood yet; there are various theories that are put forward for explaining the probable causes of cellulite such as hormonal aspects as hormones play a vital role in developmental of cellulite. It is also assumed that oestrogen thyroid hormones insulin may be a part of production process of cellulite. Genetics is also a key factor because genes can induce a person to specific characteristics that are associated with cellulite like slow working of metabolism and division of fats. Diet can be major cause in all because the people who are likely to eat fatty and salty foods and take small amount of fibres are in greater risk. Smokers and the people who sit for long intervals in single position and those who wear tight clothes are also at a great risk as well.


Various tests related to cellulite issue are available such as ultrasound that normally detects the existence of cellulite and helps in determining the limit of the condition; however, these examinations are not necessary as it may easily be diagnosed by pinching the skin or rolling down the skin or the affected part of body surface.

Natural and Surgical Treatment Methods

There are a number of treatments methods and products available in the market that claim to be the best in reduction of the sights of cellulite but most of them have been proven false; however, the best choices for cellulite treatment may include the following:

  • A very common method to treat cellulite is called body wraps that includes lose elastic cloth soaked in herbal and mineral mixture. They are specially designed to extract or remove excessive amount of fluids present in body or toxins.
  • Cellulite gels and creams are also very common and easily available for everyone. Most of the women prefer to use these creams or gels because of their easiness and effectiveness.
  • Endermologie that is very old treatment method and is non-surgical, it involves the use of a device with motor rollers and is controlled with suction to operate like pulling, squeezing, folding, unfolding the skin and lying underneath that is known as sub dermal tissue.
  • Laser/light therapy and liposuction are also very common these days.

However, cellulite is not a chronic disease but just thick deposits of fats in particular areas of the body that usually appear at the bottom hips, abdomen, and thighs. Having healthy meals, diets and regular exercises to keep the muscles firm and toned sounds feasible approach to have the body smooth.