/Cellulite – Actual Causes Of Cellulite And A Common Misconception

Cellulite – Actual Causes Of Cellulite And A Common Misconception


Cellulite is a Latin word which a combination of two different words, first Cellule which means a small cell and ite which means disease. Therefore, it can be said that cellulite is a non medical term which tries to explain a mass of fat that gather in human body and form a thickest shape beneath the skin of thighs and buts in most of the cases. Cellulite causes an uncomfortable condition for those who are suffering from this disease for a long time. A large number of male and female adults are getting affected by this condition which makes the skin looks very choppy and lumpy. It is a kind of disease and is caused by a number of factors.

What May Actually Cause Cellulite?

Some of the general facts and figures are needed to be discussed in order to understand the root causes of cellulite which are as follows;

Taking Unnecessary Fat in Diet

Taking unnecessary fat in diet is the most common fact, which gives rise to this disease. Diet is the essential part of healthy life and therefore it is very important to understand what type of diet should be taken in casual routine if someone is suffering from this disease for a long time, he should observe, consider and if necessary revise his diet plan in order to understand to get rid of this problem. He must avoid the foods that contain too much fat as it may cause Cellulite.

Lack of Exercise

Due to a busy schedule, most of the people don’t have time to take exercise on daily basis which could be a reason this disease. Non-movement of body parts in a proper manner sometimes might develop Cellulite. Those who are suffering from this disease must understand the importance of exercise because it can be caused by lack of exercise.

Use of inappropriate Dose of Medicines

Some particular medicines which might work very effectively against some certain disease but in rare cases might also leave side effects which could badly affect the other functions of the body. Sometime, those medicines are very sensitive in nature as they are the results of some scientific formulas which can put the consumer into an uncomfortable condition such as cellulite. Therefore, it is highly advised that no one should consume any medicines without the proper knowledge or without the prescription from an experienced doctor.

A Common Misconception

It is commonly believed by a large number of people that the cellulite can be developed because of the excess use of caffeine. This is a misconception as caffeine is not concerned with Cellulite because it is a kind of drug which works as a supporter during a blood circulation and it also widens the blood nerves which help to circulate blood faster, it actually reduces the unnecessary fat from the human body.


Cellulite is not something that can be easily ignored as it has the symptoms that may ruin the life of anyone who gets affected with this disease. Therefore, it is very important to have a proper treatment to get rid of this problem as soon as possible.