/Causes Of Back Acne And What You Can Do About It Before It Gets Difficult
causes of back acne

Causes Of Back Acne And What You Can Do About It Before It Gets Difficult


Back acne can spread easily once is starts developing. Under our skin there are special glands known as the sebaceous glands. These glands basically help in providing the right amount of moisture to our skin and keep it hydrated. In many cases, in both men and women the balance of these oil secreting glands becomes quite disturbed. It can lead to over production of the oil, which can result in acne issues. During the stage of puberty, these symptoms are most active and if they do not go away after a few weeks. One needs to start a proper treatment.

So You Want To Know How To Cure Back Acne Naturally?

First of all, let’s discuss a little more about the back acne issue. As you know that an excessive production of oil can lead to acne problems. But what actually happens during this time period. Due to production of oil the pores and hair follicles get blocked. Our skin has the unique ability of shedding dead cells on regular basis. When these cells are unable to find their way out, they start accumulating around the pores. This invites a bacterium that develops very fast. As a result, the production of bacteria irritates the skin and causes the neighboring tissues to become inflamed.

Time For Natural Back Acne Treatment

Most of the dermatologists recommend using different types of back acne masks to eliminate the symptoms. Keep in mind that the masks are made of natural ingredients and do not carry any type of harsh chemicals. While applying the mask in your back, you will need the help of your friend or family member. Now let’s discuss the role of different types of back acne masks.

  • The oat meal mask – you can make this mask easily at your home. Cook the oatmeal for some time and leave it to cool. When it cools down add one tablespoon of pure honey. Spread it over the affected area and then let it do its part for a time period of twenty minutes. After that, you can wash with the help of cold water.
  • The lemon juice mask – it can be prepared instantly. All you need to do is mix some rose water in lemon juice mixture and dilute it a little bit. Or you can even follow the ratio of 1:1 and apply it on your back. You need to allow this mixture to play its role, while you sleep and later wash it off in the morning. This mask will heal your skin and tighten the pores and you can say that it is one of the best natural cures for back acne.
  • The tomato mask – you can fetch fresh tomatoes and then mash them. Make sure that they are in the form of proper pulp so, that you can rub it on your back. Let the pulp stay there for nearly half an hour and then wash it with cold water. Tomato is one of the best natural treatments for back acne and it can dry acne and tighten the pores too.
  • Another effective natural treatment for back acne is the mint mask. Make use of turmeric and mint juice and apply it on the back for nearly fifteen minutes. Wash it off with cold water. You will feel that inflammation has reduced and your back appears better.