/Blistering from Sunburn – Treatment Tips

Blistering from Sunburn – Treatment Tips


The skin condition, known as sunburn is caused by the unusual and extreme exposure to the harmful ultraviolet sunrays which destroy skin’s protective layers and cause pain, burning, redness and blisters in severe cases. By reading this piece of writing, you will find some of the effective tips to get rid of this irritating skin condition.

Symptoms – First Degree

Blistering from sunburn usually occurs in the second and third degrees and both of these degrees are considered to be quite dangerous and painful for the affected person, especially the third degree is extremely harmful. The first degree burns can cause redness, pain, heat and tenderness, however, it does not cause blistering which is a good sign. The homemade as well as medical treatments are applied, but the results may vary from person to person because of the severity of the disease.

Symptoms – Second Degree

If someone has been affected with the second degree burns, he/she may go through pain, redness, swelling and blisters. In the second degree, the inner protective skin layers are badly damaged which lead to other problems as well. You can get relief with proper treatment, but you will also notice wrinkling, chills, nausea and fever when your skin will start the healing process. The second degree is surely a very uncomfortable condition which can make your life worse if you don’t take necessary action in time.

Symptoms – Third Degree

As far as the third degree is concerned, this has come from the hellfire and can make the patients’ life a living hell on earth. This condition cannot be easily treated if the doctor is not specialist or expert in what he/she does. Treatment sunburn blisters and other symptoms require extra skills to deal with these symptoms successfully or else the condition may deteriorate.


If you are not sure how blisters look like, go and find the pictures on MSN, Yahoo! or Google images, so you can clearly understand the severity of your disease. The blisters sometimes are associated with fever, nausea and chills, and in this case, you better pay a visit to your doctor. The following mentioned tips will help you in this regard;

  • The feeling of discomfort might force you to pick your blisters, but you must never try to do it as this may cause infections which will be more of a problem. Therefore, be patient and wait to get completely healed.
  • Don’t go outside of the shade if you don’t really need to go and when you go out, fully cover your open skin areas and the affected areas including the ones that have blisters. Wear sunscreen and loose clothes.
  • In case of both big and small sunburn blisters, you can use some moisturizing gel or other products which include natural ingredients such as aloe vera, but avoid the use of petroleum jelly or any other such product that blocks skin pores and prevents the flow of sweating.