/Beauty as a Perception of Self-Confidence

Beauty as a Perception of Self-Confidence


What is beauty and how do we define it, one may ask. The answer is more complicated than it appears, and although there are a number of factors that may be common indicators of beauty, in essence it has been found that no two individuals will agree wholeheartedly on more than a number of common factors. There are beauty pinups in nearly every teenager’s room in the USA, but the reasons that personality is liked or preferred over others can tend to be more subjective than objective.

To be sure, our concept or viewpoint on beauty is never constant and is in fact ever changing. A quick look at fashion or film history will claim different role models and changing ideas of beauty over time. Does this mean that beauty is a myth? Certainly not, however it simply means that the concepts of beauty can vary across different cultures, peoples and occupations- even at different times or among different generations. Today’s hero or heroine can be tomorrow’s subject of ridicule.

In an experiment called Dove Beauty Sketches Campaign, Proctor and Gamble asked people to describe their facial features to a professional illustrator. They then had to describe someone else in similar terms as well. It was seen that by and large, these volunteers put other’s physical and mental faculties in a better light than themselves.

Given that there are three concepts of the self: how we see ourselves, how others see us and how we really are, all of us want to make efforts to portray ourselves better to others. Yet when it comes to self-appraisal, we often underrate ourselves. We should learn to be more objective and love the person we see reflected in the mirror.

Scientist and psychology expert, Nancy Etcoff says in her book, “Survival of the Prettiest’ that appreciating beauty is an inherent part of human nature. While we may not be naturally endowed with everything when it comes to physical and mental prowess, we should learn to recognize and play to our strengths while seeking to limit or control our weaknesses. Next in order would come grooming and presenting ourselves to the public in our best light. There are a number of skincare products and treatments in the market that would work wonders in this respect, among them are Juvederm, Botox, lasers and skin tightening devices. Diet, exercise and self-confidence are no less important. All of these processes involve goal setting and some efforts to achieve, but it can be worth it in the long run. When you take life into your own hands and decide on goals, it is a great self confidence booster no matter what your chronological age. Feeling stronger and more accomplished can be a much needed boost for your self- esteem.

Finally, all these processes are sure to make a change in your life, working both on the inside and on the outside. They will also serve to repair, raise and correct your perception of yourself.

Confidence in mind and body are qualities sought for by everyone who want to make an improvement in their lives and this article has tried to give you some workable ideas on how to achieve self-confidence.