/Bananas – The Miracle Fruit to Get Your Skin Glowing Like s Star

Bananas – The Miracle Fruit to Get Your Skin Glowing Like s Star


Let’s face it. Women have always wanted to look better, sexier and more appealing. This applies not only to working women but to females of all ages, regardless of their occupation or station in life. What is more, scientific research has confirmed that this preoccupation with supple, soft and glowing skin has existed through the ages, from Eve to Cleopatra and the Countess Bathory to Marilyn Monroe. Film actresses and indeed anyone in the public eye would want to be credited and envied for possessing the most beautiful skin possible.

But as they say, it is easier said than done. All kinds of remedies and treatments from bathing in milk to attaching leeches to the skin have been tried. In the present age, conventional wisdom has reverted back to natural remedies where use of fruit rubs, masks and scrubs top the list in popularity and ease of use. The million dollar question still remains: which fruit is good for skin glow?

Believe it or not, banana is one of the best fruits for skin glow. Most of us who are dieting or want to watch our weight will probably smile as we recognize this fruit as one of the known culprits for putting on weight. But let me tell you, when it comes to fruits for a glowing skin, a few can match the benefits that banana can give. In addition to its nutritional value, banana has a lot of benefits and is counted among the best fruits to brighten your skin.

To begin with, banana has Vitamins A and C6, two vital elements for healthy skin. The first of these revitalizes your skin and repairs dry and dull skin tissue. The manganese and other antioxidants present in this fruit also prevent and repair damage caused by free radicals. As banana typically is made up of 75% water, this factor also helps keep your skin hydrated and younger looking. Let’s look at 2 easy ways to use banana to help revitalize your skin;

The First Way

Mash a ripe banana into pulp and then gently apply it on your face to create an instantly beneficial mask. Take care to avoid the eyes however. After you have let it remain on your face for 25-30 minutes, take it off gently by washing with lukewarm water. You will be pleasantly surprised at how well your tired skin has responded to this fruit mask and feel and look years younger in your facial area. If you find that your skin is really dry and flaky, it pays to add honey to mashed pulp as this combination will do wonders for your skin.

The Second Way

Another way to use bananas to make a good face mask is to mash half a banana with one tablespoon of Vitamin E oil extract and one tablespoon of yogurt. This unique combination of ingredients is guaranteed not only to revitalize tired skin but also remove blemishes and dark spots, making your skin really glow and shine.

Banana is really one of the best fruits that can be used to revitalize your skin and the two recipes given above can really do wonders for your skin.