/Are You Beautiful? Look at the Signs

Are You Beautiful? Look at the Signs


It is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It might not always be right as sometimes beauty is not what can be seen but it is what can be felt. If you think that your makeup, manicure, pedicure, slim body, tall height, sexy figures, gorgeous dressing style and elegant hairstyle are the sighs that you are beautiful, I am afraid you are not right.

In fact, your real beauty is your behaviors, your beautiful heart and your feelings for others. Every day you have to go through different situations from better to the worst but it really makes difference that how you behave in all such situations. Look at some of the signs to judge if you are really beautiful.


Friendship was a pure relationship just a few decades ago and now this beautiful relations has been suppressed by the materialist approach and people would offer or accept you friendship only when they have some personal interests. However, if you want to be truly beautiful, you don’t have to think like everyone else, you can simply offer your best towards your friends.


Love used to be another pure and clear sigh of true beauty. It should not always be treated as your only love is your boyfriend but treat it as a whole. Your love for your friends, family, coworkers, teachers, students, neighbors and even for those you don’t really know but have interaction due to your work etc. Don’t be ashamed to express your love for the whole humanity.


A beautiful smile on your face shows how beautiful you are. Those who always smiles are considered to be very soft natured and kind who never get high tempered and always control their emotions no matter how hurt they are.


Your laugh is another great way to express your inner beauty when you laugh out louder, it makes you feel better and you can take it as a sign of your beauty. Smiling and laughing both make a women look really beautiful.


If you have smile on your face and don’t stop yourself laughing, this also make you kind towards others. It does not make any difference that your acts are small or big but they are beautiful if done for the betterment of the others.


It is said that tears are the most dangerous weapon of a woman which she finds no other way to convince her friend, husband or parents. Well, this is absolutely correct but shedding tears also shows that you are not at all hard hearted and if you shed tears for yourself, you will also cry for others.


If you have sympathy for others regardless of their sex, cast, creed, religion or region, you are a beautiful persons who is always positive towards life and does not want to hurt others. If you add actions on your sympathy, you can make a real difference in your world.


Last but not least, self-confidence is a major sign towards your beauty and it makes you look really beautiful. If you are apparently attractive but don’t have the confidence to convince the people, communicate with strangers, fight for your and others wrights, you will not be considered a woman with great personality.