/Apply Homemade Moisturizer to Get Rid of Oily Skin

Apply Homemade Moisturizer to Get Rid of Oily Skin


Those women who have oily skin have to go through lots of problems and therefore every one of them wants to get rid of it but surely this is not very easy. The major problem associated with oily skin is that it does not matter how often you wash or cleanse your face, oil found on your skin gets turned into greasy texture within a few hours. Those who have oily skin are always more prone to get various skin related problems such as acne breakouts.

Major Causes of Oily Skin

Oily skin can be a real problem for you as it may also be a major cause for acne, spots, premature wrinkles, white heads, blackheads etc. There are three major causes of oily skin in most of the cases which are as follows;

Genetic Factor

Genetic always plays an essential role in your overall body health, fitness and skin beauty and therefore, you can’t ignore it when discussing skin types. Those who are with oily skin due to genetic factors can’t get rid of it but they can still use various methods to prevent sebum production that may cause outbreaks.

Dirt on Skin Surface
Second major cause of oily skin is dirt that gathers on surface of the skin and become a great cause of clogging of skin pores which is resulted into the accumulation of excessive oil.

Stripping Essential Oils

Another major reason is excessive use of toners and cleansers especially those contain Salicylic acid have been found to strip natural essential oils from skin.

Common Ways to Take Care of Your Oily Skin

There are three most common ways to care your skin which area as follows;


In which you use different types of oil or gel cleansers.


Another way is moisturizing oily skin at least two times a day.


Third way is exfoliation that is done 3-4 times in a week.

The Safest Way – Homemade Moisturizer

Majority of the people who have oily skin completion try to avoid applying moisturizers on their skin because they don’t want it to be oilier. However, they must know that oily skin gets dehydrated which makes it really important to apply moisturizer at least once a day or two if possible.

How to Prepare Moisturizer At Home

There are a lot of benefits of using this type of homemade moisturizer as it contains all the natural ingredients with lots of natural properties such as milk has been proven to be very effective in softening skin and the addition of extra virgin olive oil keep your skin even healthier. Moreover, the use of lime will clear the dead cells from the skin and thus protect it from blemishes and acne. You need to have the following ingredient to be used for making moisturizer:

  • A Cup or bowl for mixing up all the ingredients
  • Lime and extra virgin olive oil 2tbs each
  • Fresh milk quarter cup

To prepare it, pour fresh milk into the cup and then mix olive oil with it. When it is properly mixed, include lime and stir it to be fully mixed.