/Anti Aging – How to Stay Young?

Anti Aging – How to Stay Young?


Anti aging is a lame topic to discuss as nowadays everyone wants to fight with this reality. In fact extension of life sciences also termed as anti aging which is a process to slow down or reverse back the process of the aging for the maximum expansion of lifespan. Aging is not the outcome of a single factor but the result of multiple factors. Though, it is difficult but not impossible to slow down or reverse the process of aging.

What are the causes of aging?

While one is wondering about aging, a very important question often arises in the mind that what are the causes of aging? And the answer is that there are a number of causes of aging such as food intake, reduction of proteins in body, excessive activities of sugar, anti aging cells, hormonal changes and imbalanced hormonal levels, reduction in blood circulation, weight gain and stress and the list goes on. During the aging process organisms are accumulated damaging the molecules, cells, tissues and its own organs which is the result of oxidation damaging of the cells ingredients and that is the main cause of free radicals.

Basic Symptoms in Men and Women

The basic symptoms of aging appear with a noticeable change such as wrinkling, hair loss or turning hair grey, weakness of eyesight, memory and hearing, menopause (in women) and balding in men etc. It can be easily observed that the potential to work gets slower down and the person feels tiredness. Aging affects on metabolism as for the reason old people face difficulty in digesting foods which is due to the thyroid gland. Kidney is one of the most important organs of body which is also affected by the aging and becomes unable to function properly to refine the blood in an effective way. However, with the help of proper intake of proteins, these problems can be overcome in most of the cases. The diagnosis of aging is quite easy as they are apparent in nature. However beside the visible symptoms some hormonal tests are also made.

How to Prevent Aging Process?

The most effective and highly researched anti aging techniques include good healthy and nutritious diets, supplements and hormonal treatments. Nanotechnology can help in repairing those cells which cause the aging while other researchers believe in cloning therapy or replacement of body parts. There are numerous other aging trends available nowadays to prevent aging process such as face surgery, laser surfacing, chemical peeling, anti, wrinkle fillers, neck lifters, and sclerotherapy which is a process to eliminate varicose and spider veins medically. It involves a salt solution that is injected to the vein directly. The doctors usually suggest the proper intake of vitamin D as it is considered to be very helpful in life extension. Though one may not prevent himself or herself for being old, he or she can extend the process of aging with the help of good diets, healthy lifestyle, anti aging products and strategies.