/Do Anti-aging Hormones Really Exist?

Do Anti-aging Hormones Really Exist?


Hormones, like enzymes, are produced within the human body and play an important role in the growth and development of each individual. These natural chemicals assist in many of the body’s biological processes, like reproduction, growth, immunity and overall development. Deficiency or imbalance in these chemicals can lead to hormonal problems.

Among the more popular hormones are the following:


Short for Dehydroepiandrosterone, this hormone turns into estrogen and testosterone in females and males respectively.

2) HGH

Short for human growth hormone, this hormone helps regulate growth and maintain tissues in the human body.

3) Insulin

This hormone is responsible for maintaining the level of glucose in the body

4) Melatonin

This hormone not only gives the hair its pigmentation but also helps maintain the sleep/wake cycle in humans.

Scientists have determined that melatonin also has a special role in regulating the aging factor in human beings.

Further research has determined that DHEA has a greater influence in reducing weight, delaying the menopausal cycle, improving muscle mass and boosting the immune system in humans.

Similarly, it has been noted that the hormone Testosterone not only improves muscle mass but is also responsible for bone density, production of sperm, red blood corpuscles and maintaining the distribution of fat in the human body.

Studies have proved that the hormone Estrogen is responsible for increasing the synthesis of collagen. This has the effect of making the skin look younger, preventing aging of the skin and improving and retaining its moisture content.

Progesterone is the name given to the hormone which helps enhance the human immune system and maintains reproductive life in women. It is also responsible for strengthening the functioning of the brain.

Melatonin is the body’s own anti-oxidant hormone. It is regarded to be very crucial in maintaining a person’s vitality. The use of melatonin also boosts the sleep cycle, prevents cardiovascular disorders, regulates the immune system and protects tissues from damage.

Finally, Pregnenolone as a hormone helps in balancing the body’s reaction to stress and fatigue, or the fight or flight response. It also plays a key part in controlling bodily cholesterol levels, helping in improving memory, enhancing human energy and preventing the occurrence of coronary heart diseases.

More specifically, hormone treatments involve the adjustment of the main aging hormones. As noted above, they include DHEA, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, Melatonin and Pregnenolone. Each of these may be naturally extracted or synthetically produced, according to major sources.

The latest research has indicated that most of the above-stated hormones are connected with reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, which is so debilitating for humans. These hormones are also effective in enhancing the role of the immune system. Research is still continuing regarding their efficacy in reversing the effects of aging.

Since hormonal treatments require an adjustment in the body’s natural production of these life-changing elements, it is still not known in detail as to the total effects of messing with Mother Nature. It is best to leave it well alone until we have further information in this respect.

Hormonal treatments are the latest victims in the craze to delay the effects of aging, but until we know better, it is best not to open this Pandora Box.