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Anti Aging Diet – How To Follow The Best Plan?


Aging is a natural process, which can not be stopped in any case. But it matters how you plan to age gracefully and keep your body and health in the best shape. According to various researchers and the statistics received, the process of aging is controlled by the diet we consume. It plays a major role in aging and showing its respective effects. Here you will see the most important items, which you need to include in your anti aging diet plan.

Vitamin C

It is one of the best immune boosters and is easily soluble in water. It means that it does not accumulate in your body and if taken in excessive amounts. Your body will flush out the higher dosage. Vitamin C is used orally and externally both as it carry strong antioxidant. Its effect on our skin is that it can help in the production of healthy collagen. When consumed orally it can transport the fat cells and help them burn.

As this vitamin is not accumulated, you need to consume it on daily or any other regular basis. The recommendations for men is of 90 mg and for women it is around 70 mg. on the other hand, you will also come across various resources that tell us to consume nearly 2000mg on daily basis. The best source of vitamins C is oranges. Apart from oranges you can also make use of the kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, papaya, tomatoes and guava too. Pineapple is also a good source of vitamin C. you can also consume a mixture of these fruits and get a healthy intake of vitamin C.

Lean Protein

Lean protein is an important element of all of the anti aging diets. If you consume oily fish along with lean meat source, you will notice the disappearance of wrinkles and other fine lines. Lean chicken and turkey pieces can also be consumed. You will get the protein and also support the formation of healthy collagen.

What To Avoid?

Any of the best anti aging diet plans will not include refined grain items, cakes, white flour bread or simple white bread. All of these items can trigger the production of insulin and cause inflammation. This inflammation can damage the appearance of skin. So, you need to avoid all of these processed items and consume healthy whole grain food items. They will provide the right amount of energy and will keep your skin and immune system healthy.

Is It Okay To Include Dietary Supplements In A Diet For Anti Aging?

Yes, if you are able to get hold of a well balanced supplement that can help in building repairing muscles and tissues. It is important for your body to experience an anabolic state. A complex formation of amino acids will help in repairing internal and external organs. So you will feel healthy and look beautiful too.

It will also help in reducing the accumulated fats and help in producing the right amount of muscles. So it means the chances of wrinkling will be eliminated to a great extent. You will escape the chances of any cardiovascular diseases and experience a fair production of red blood cells and bone marrow cells also. So, choose the best elements in your anti aging diet plan and age gracefully and amaze others with your progress.