/Adult Acne Causes And What You Need To Do

Adult Acne Causes And What You Need To Do


There is a special term defined for the adult acne, which is called Rosaacea and can occur on the chest, upper arms, face, shoulders, back and neck areas. This type of acne can start with the formation of blackhead, which can further lead to dead skin cells and blockage of pores. If you try to mess with them it can lead to inflammation of the blackheads. If you rub the acne affected area with unclean hands it can lead to further complications. In a few cases it has been reported that cane can be due to hormonal changes or imbalance and due to the lack of vitamins. It has also been reported that acne can be due to the use of medicines which include chlorides, iodides and bromides. If you use special drugs and cosmetics which include phenytoin, corticosteroids and trimethadinile then the chances of developing acne can increase.


If you are exposed to greases, tars and heavy oils you can develop acne issues. Adult acne can also be due to the stressful situations, over exposure to sun rays and heredity. Here we will discuss best treatment for adult acne, which can yield positive results.


Benzoyl peroxide can be used to remove severe and mild symptoms of adult acne. This chemical is available in the form of different gels, lotions, cleansers and creams. But you need to consult your doctor or skin specialist before starting any type of treatment. There are also several home remedies for adult acne, which can prove beneficial. Nowadays, many people opt for the laser treatment of adult acne, which can completely remove the effects of acne and leave your skin flawless. This treatment can have some sort of side effects as many people have extremely sensitive skin. This treatment is also expensive but the results are quite fast.

Adult acne home remedies are quite safe and can remove the symptoms of acne, if you continue the treatment with dedication. Here we will discuss a few remedies, which will help you get rid of the adult acne problem within a few days or in extreme acne cases it might take a few weeks.

  • You can take few drops of rosewater and sandalwood powder and make a normal paste. The paste must be thick enough to hold on to the affected area. You can apply this mask on the affected area on alternate days for twenty minutes. You will see that acne scars and symptoms will vanish within a few weeks.
  • You can also try making a mixture of lemon juice, lavender oil, yogurt, honey and green clay. The quantity of all of the ingredients must be in equal proportions as you have to make a mask out of it. You can apply this mixture till it gets dries and then wash it off. Applying this mask on alternate days can lead to the removal acne and it is one of the best home remedies for adult acne.

Treating adult acne is quite easy if you follow some useful tips. You need to avoid greasy ointments, glycol and vegetable oils which can trigger development of acne. For acne you can use jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and coconut oil and lavender oil. Drink lots of water to remove the toxins and avoid spicy and oily food items. –