/What can Make Acne Condition Worse?

What can Make Acne Condition Worse?


A skin condition that appears when the hair vesicles get blocked with lipid and the barren skin cells is known as acne. It usually affects the facial areas as well as shoulders. It might be so perturbing and irritatingly persistent as it improves so slowly. It heals up on once side but starts to grow up at the other place. Acne can make someone distressed which is its psychological impact while it leaves bad scars on the surface of the skin but it all depends upon the severity or its type.

3 Major Factors Involved in Formation of Acne

There are three major factors that contribute in formation of acne which are as follows: firstly, the production of excessive oil or sebum; secondly, the casual slough of dead cells that may result in irritating of hair vesicles in the skin; thirdly, the growth of bacteria or in hygiene. As acne is occurred due to the hair follicles that become closured with lipid and dead cells because hair vesicles are attached to oleaginous glands. The glands release a greasy material which is termed as sebum to lube the skin and hair. The function of sebum is generally moves with the hair beams and afterwards secrete out from the openings of hair vesicles on the top of the surface of skin.

The production of excessive amount of sebum and the dead cells are two elements that are built up inside the hair vesicles and formed together like a soft stopple by providing the bacteria an environment to survive. The plug can help the follicle wall to bump and make a milium or white head. It also provides an opening or makes it darken or transform the face of blackhead. These white and blackheads tend the skin to make pimples and pimples are the reddish raised spots which contain a white centre field that is developed in a result of infected or inflamed hair vesicles that are blocked. Closures and inflammation developed under the hair vesicles inside deep layer of skin produces lumps below the surface of the skin termed as cysts. The pores that help in sweating do not cause the skin in forming of acne.

What Can Make the Condition Worse?

There are different factors that can make the acne condition worse such as androgen hormones that activates more during the puberty in both girls or boys and become the cause of enlarging sebaceous glands which make sebum in large quantity and hormones also affect during the pregnancy and increase the production of sebum. Some medications that contain steroids, androgens or quantity of lithium can also cause acne. Research shows that the use of dairy products, high carbohydrated foods like bread, cheese, bagels and French fries increases the level of in blood which can trigger the acne.

Beside these, there are some other factors such as a direct contact of skin with lipid substances, an inappropriate and improper use of cosmetics on the skin, pressure on skin i.e. having tight collars, use of helmet and mobile phones or sometimes stress might make the skin condition even worsen.

Since, it is suggested to keep oneself stay away from acne topical medication. On the other hand one can keep the skin clear from oil by washing it twice but keep in mind that excessive washing can cause inner oil to appear on the skin rapidly. If precisely explained then acne can be defined as a common condition in which skin is affected due to production of sebum.