/9 Little Things that can Cause Your Skin to Age

9 Little Things that can Cause Your Skin to Age


When it comes to the science and beauty of skin care, women seldom know very much beyond some natural and chemical products that are seen to do the needful. But beyond our diet and lifestyle, there are some other things that can accelerate or cause aging of the skin. This is a list of 9 of them.

1) Lack of Sleep

We all have busy lifestyles and are usually found trying to fit in a little too much into the day, but this definitely does not mean that we sacrifice some of our daily sleep. Lack of proper sleep can cause premature aging leaving us looking old and wrinkled. It is important to have a proper sleep cycle for physical and mental rejuvenation.

2) Sugar

Having too much of a sweet tooth can kill you. It’s not only bad for the waistline but can have detrimental effects on our skin as well. This is because when sugar levels are high they can a glycation effect that impacts on the production of collagen and elastin. This leads to wrinkles. Controlling your sugar consumption is good for your skin and overall health.

3) High Levels of Stress

The negative effects of stress on our health and well- being have been well documented. Scientists mention the fight or flight response when we are confronted with a dangerous or stressful situation. Yet in office spaces, the most we can do is face the stress and the criticism. In the long run this takes a toll on our health. So learning to deal with stress is one of the best things you can do. A relaxed setting to retire to, yoga and meditation are some of the ways to control stress and anxiety.

4) Excessive Running

Ever notice how habitual joggers and long distance runners look gaunt and washed out especially on their faces? It’s no surprise when we hear that excessive running can lead to breathlessness and a loss of collagen, an ingredient that is instrumental in promoting skin health.

5) A Low Fat Diet

While adopting a low fat diet is recommended by most as a fast and sure way to lose weight, it is necessary to eat some level of complex fats and carbohydrates for the proper and efficient functioning of the body. Good fats in the diet promote skin health and can prevent rosacea and acne problems.

6) Using Makeup

These days, even the most simple of maidens use some form of makeup to appear presentable and pleasant looking in public. Excessive use of makeup can make you appear artificial. Taking it on and off can also become a daily ordeal. It is best to decide how to promote your best features and stick to that. Keep it simple and save the needless expense.

7) Using a Cotton Pillowcase

I know it sounds ridiculous and out of place, but the use of cotton pillowcase can adversely affect the freshness of your skin because it has been known to attract oil, dirt and hair. So moving on to synthetics and satins is recommended as more healthful.

8) Dry & Cold Air

What makes you ask the most questions of the weather when it is dry, hot, cold or rainy? Experts know that dry and cold air can weather your face and show its effects. Always use a moisturizer or soothing lotion to hydrate the skin and protect it from the weather. Listen to the weather report and prepare yourself accordingly.

9) Excessive Drinking

The bad effects of alcoholism have been documented in the lives of the rich and famous. It can harm the liver, intestines and digestive tract in the long run. Too much drinking can leave you inebriated, incoherent and even cause ulcers.