/8 Things You Must Have In Your Purse

8 Things You Must Have In Your Purse


There are two types of women in the world; those who carry lots of stuff wherever they go such as their massive purse, whole makeup box with large variety of articles, mobile phones, laptop, tabs, debit or credit cards, ready to use cash and various other items which might never be used. On contrary, there are other type of women who don’t like to have lots of things with them. However, every woman should have at least these 8 things in her purse wherever she goes.

1 – Cash in Hand

You should always have some ready can in your purse in case you need some where you can use it. You might have debit or credit cards in your purse but there might not be working sometime and this is the time when you can utilize the cash you have in your purse.

2 – Lipstick

Second most important thing for a woman is lipstick and most of the women always have their favorite shade in their purse. In case you don’t have the one, from today you must have it. Lipstick works to make you look fresh even when you are tired and don’t have any other cosmetics to wear on, you can reach to lipstick.

3 – Pen or Pencil

Pen or pencil is something that you often need. Though the use of mobile phones have greatly reduced the need to write or make someone else write, you still need to write with pen sometime especially when you got printed files to put your sign on. Therefore, it is better to always have few pens or pencil inside your purpose at a place where you can easily pick them out when you need it rather than searching like looking a needle into a well.

4 – Emergency Contact Info

You should also have emergency contact info with you as you don’t know about the future. There might be a bad moment when you get stick into some kind of serious accident or incident and therefore, it is really important for you to have emergency number where others can contact and inform about you.

5 – Aspirin or Tylenol

It is also a very good idea to have pain killers in your purse such as Tylenol or aspirin. Often if happens when you go out and come back with extreme headache or pain. If you have the pain reliever, you can immediately use them to get relieved.

6 – Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a must have type thing for your purse as when you go out to, you often have to touch things which have already been touched or used by many people and you have a greater chance to get germs. Therefore, if you have hand sanitizer, you can protect yourself from the germs.

7 – Pepper Spray or Mace

Gone are the times when women could walk alone on lonely streets without the fear of getting attacked by bad guys. Now they must have some kind of weapon and the best of all is Mace which is not to kill somebody but to protect yourself.

8 – Lighter or Matches

You should also keep a lighter or at least a match box in our purse. It is not for lightening your cigarette but it can be really helpful for you in many places where you need a lighter. For example, you can light candles or light a fire if you need and you can also use it to light a cigarette for your boyfriend if he smokes.