/8 Quick and Efficient Ways to Get Rid of Facial Lines

8 Quick and Efficient Ways to Get Rid of Facial Lines


As we age, our skin ages with us. Some people will tell you that it is inevitable, so just relax and let it be. Other more worthy warriors will be on the warpath against this rather common sign of aging and will not rest until they find some tips or information that will address the problem by finally getting rid of the wrinkles and faint but noticeable facial lines that spoil the smooth natural contours of the face and neck. Here are 8 tried and tested ways to quickly and efficiently get rid of facial lines.

1) Exercising Your Face

If you don’t use it, you lose it. The youthfulness in your face will last longer if you take the small step of doing some easy facial exercises early in the morning and at several times during the day. Opening the eyes wide and letting your tongue hang out, adopting the lion face pose, turning the head left and right as far as it will go are some of the exercises you can do for good effect.

2) Sleeping on Your Back

Do you know that your sleep patterns and stances can affect your skin health? It has been observed that those who sleep on their back have a more fitful sleep and also are blessed with good skin health especially regarding the absence of lines and wrinkles on their face for a longer period of time. Make an effort to sleep on your back and your waking hours will be rewarded with better health which will also be visible on your face.

3) Eating Healthy Food

Diet and exercise are regarded as the two pillars of getting and maintaining better health and beauty. Fish, fruits and vegetables are all considered beneficial for promoting good skin health on the face and neck. They contain healthy ingredients such as omega-3, soy and other antioxidants which spell goodness and suppleness for the skin.

4) Taking Your Vitamins

Ever since the discovery of vitamins and evidence of the role they play in promoting good health, people are taking multivitamins and other supplements to promote and maintain health and beauty. Vitamins A to K have been identified and named, each with different claims to our good health and longevity. Eyes, skin, ears and other parts of our body are benefited if these are taken regularly.

5) Taking Some Cocoa

Drinking a cup of cocoa first thing in the morning and last thing before retiring for the night will do wonders for your skin. Important flavonoids contained in cocoa help you retain the youthfulness and exuberance that seems to be exclusively the property of the teenage generation. What’s more, it’s sure to warm up your life as well.

6) Treating Your Skin Right

It’s not surprising to note that good skin tone results from a dedicated effort to maintain good skin health. Getting to know your skin type, what beauty treatments suit you best, avoiding plucking out hair at every opportunity and using the best products for moisturizing and exfoliating will guarantee the best skin health.

7) Getting Some Sunlight

We all know that the sun is the best source of Vitamin D, but remember that excessive sunlight is harmful for the skin. It is best to stay out of direct sunlight and use a sunscreen with a good SPF in order to prevent sunburn and spots.

8) Ridding Yourself of Bad Habits

Our body is a temple and we tend to abuse it by promoting bad habits like smoking and drinking. It spoils our skin texture in the long run. Its best to rid yourself of these bad habits or you will pay the price with your life or ill health.