/8 Objections Raised By Men about Women’ Beauty Rituals

8 Objections Raised By Men about Women’ Beauty Rituals


Men and women have different genetic makeup and their bodies have different requirement. It is not necessary that what is good for a woman will always be good for a man. Therefore, they don’t understand each other requirements but men often have the objection about women’ beauty rituals. Some of them are mentioned below:

1 – Changing Dresses Constantly

As far as the dressing is concerned, women have to change their clothes constantly and by the men, it is often considered as extravagancy. They can’t’ think more than this because they don’t understand a woman goes thorough different conditions in her life when nothing gets fits on her. However, all girls are not the same and some are really spendthrift and never get satisfied with whatever they are wearing.

2 – Supplying Moisturizer to Skin

The genetic differences between the two sexes can also be seen in form of skin dryness. It has been observed that the women usually have dryer skin than most of the men. Women have to put on lots of makeup everyday which often dries out the natural moisturizer from skin and it becomes really necessary to apply moisturizer on skin so the skin can be fully moisturized. The other reason it feels extremely needed to use moisturizer is that it also helps to keep your skin fresh all the times.

3 – Waxing on Bikini Areas

Waxing is a bit of troublesome but it is really necessary. Most men often raise the question that why women wax their bikini areas, legs and eyebrows when it hurts. In fact, waxing is a better choice for women because it prevents the growth of thicker hair in the results of shaving.

4 – Plucking Eyebrows

There is another objection from men and that is girls’ habit to pluck their eyebrows. Plucking eyebrows is another painful practice but in the results the hair grows less back and thinner and they are not very noticeable.

5 – Eyeliner liquid on Eyes

Everything creates problems for men and thus they keep raising objections. Now they have started asking why women apply eyeliner liquid on their eyes. Now the answer is that applying eyeliner liquid is much easier and it makes the eyes look like cat eyes.

6 – Girls Favorite Beauty Ritual

Another favorite ritual of girls and most disgusting habit for men is to do face mask in which they use green dressing on their faces. This might seem to be bad but it is really helpful in curing acne and removing dirt from the facial area. After the face mask, the face looks very fresh.

7 – Hair Straighteners for Curly Hair

Hair straightener is a great friend of the women with curly hair and those who have extremely curly hair, use straightener almost every day. At least, it should not be a problem for men.

8 – Varity of Hair Products

A girl’s hair is much thicker and longer than that of a man, thus, they need special treatment to take care of them including a number of hair care products to give them a better hairstyle.

Final Words

Men must try to understand that women have to go through completely different situations than men and they have to pay more attention in taking care of their bodies. Just raising objections without understanding actual problems will never help women to live better life.