/8 Makeup Mistakes Which Celebrities Often Make

8 Makeup Mistakes Which Celebrities Often Make


People love celebrities and a great number of girls and women try to look same like their favorite ones for which they often try to wear dresses and put on makeup the way, those superstars use. In fact, they try to copy each and every aspect of their lives. However, it is not always right to do whatever your favorite superstar does because she might also sometimes make terrible mistakes. Below you will read about some of the mistakes made by very popular celebrities many times.

I – Putting too Much Powder

Applying too much power is a very common mistake which is often made by the celebrities and this happened not just once but a number of times when those poor ladies came out in public while putting lots of power on their faces which led them to face real embarrassment among their fans as the excessive use of powder on face sometimes make facial lines and wrinkles more apparent.

II – Don’t Try to Be A Fake Tan

Possessing tan skin is a plus point for most of the females if they are getting it in the right way but is not always right as many of them use wrong ways to make skin look as one dimensional and it usually happens when those ladies fail to apply an appropriate amount on all parts. When you are trying to look tan, try make it real not fake tan and if possible take experts’ advice.

III – Gothic Makeup

The use of gothic makeup might be really helpful for some ladies to look even more beautiful as this type of makeup gives great emphasis to work with eyes to make them appear Smokey. However, it has been observed many times that some celebrities fail to understand where they need to stop.

IV – Wrong Foundation

Few celebrities use wrong color for foundation which often exposes the clogged pores on facial areas. The best way to avoid looking terrible is to avoid using moisturizer before you apply foundation.

V – Under Eye Concealer

Celebrities lives seems to be so glamorous but most of them have stress and lack of sleep because of shooting or partying causes dark circle under eyes. Therefore, they have to use a concealer to hide the dark circle and imperfections of skin and keep in mind that putting too much of it can make you look even worse.

VI – Lipstick on Teeth

Lipstick is for your lips not for you teeth but many celebrities fail to understand this fact and they use lipstick on their teeth which feel bad when they speak as the most attractive teeth are those which are whitish rather than red.

VII – Shiny Face

Another mistake is applying lots of creams and oiliness on face but remember that it does not make you look good and you must avoid this.

VIII – Excess Makeover

Use of makeup is really important but the use of excessive makeup will make you look even worse and you must never try to do this mistake which might have already done by your favorite star.