/8 Items That Must Be Kept In Your Makeup Bag

8 Items That Must Be Kept In Your Makeup Bag


Your makeup bag may contain a number of items available at markets and all of them seem to be quite essential. In fact, many of them are unnecessary and there is no need to use them at all. But it is not easy for you to choose the necessary ones from the large variety of items and tools available at markets. If you continue reading this article, you will learn about some of the items which should be the integral part of your beauty box.

1 – Compact Mirror

Compact Mirror is the most essential tool and it must be included in your makeup bag as this is your everyday starter without which you cannot begin your makeup. You might be wonder why only compact mirror? Well, actually a compact mirror can easily be adjusted into your bad and you don’t have to worry about the space it occupies.

2 – Lip balm

Lip balm is another essential tool as the chapped lips are never liked by any one and they are not considered to be worthy to kiss. Like the compact mirror, it also takes very little space and you can keep it in your bag, purse, pocket, car or office table. Lip balms are available in variety of colors as well as flavors.

3 – Mascara

Mascara is a very useful beauty tool and you can use it to give your eyes brighter look as it makes eyelashes darker enough to create contrast with the white area of eyes. Those women, who look like still sleeping from their face and eyes in the morning even after washing their face, apply mascara to their lashes and this will make you feel and look active, alert and fresh.

4 – Eyelash Curler

Another way to brighten your tiresome looking eyes is to apply eyelash curler which can be used after mascara or without using mascara. Curler makes your lashes look even thicker and longer.

5 – Eyebrow Comb

Eyebrow comb is often considered to be unnecessary item but it is really important and you can use it to comb and correct eyebrow in a natural way. Many people use tweezers to shape the eyebrows and then use comb.

6 – Concealer

Concealer is another necessary tool and you can use it to give a more natural look to your makeup as it helps in toning the skin and hide the imperfections. But keep in mind that only a right shade can help you improve the flaws of skin.

7 – Moisturizer

Those with dry skin must have a good moisturizer in their bag as the dryness of the skin often causes irritation and itchiness. A good moisturizer can help you keep your skin fully hydrated which not just prevent itching or irritation but also prevent wrinkles.

8 – Makeup Remover

Don’t forget to include makeup remover in your makeup box especially when you do makeup every day. It might be difficult to remove the layers of makeup every day but leaving them unremoved can be really dangerous for the beauty of your skin and eyes. Therefore, you must never neglect this essential beauty tool.