/8 Home Remedies for Sunburn on Face – Part 2

8 Home Remedies for Sunburn on Face – Part 2


In part 1 of this article, we initiated the topic of home remedies to treat facial sunburn. Let’s continue this piece of writing form the home remedy number 3.

3) Sunscreen

You can find a large number of creams and lotions to protect your skin form the ultraviolet rays. Most of these sun blockers and sunscreens contain the ingredient which play a vital role as anti-burn agents and provide good and quick relief from the burns. You don’t have to learn some kind of particular techniques to apply these sun blockers but you can simply apply them directly on your skin especially on the areas which are mostly exposed to the sun such as your hands and face. However, it is better to read out the instructions written on the packet before you use them.

4) Hydrocortisone Cream

Hydrocortisone creams are also used to get relieved from sunburned regions. You can apply a bit of such cream to the areas which are affected with sunburn. These creams are believed to contain corticosteroid which is directly applied to the certain body areas to eliminate pain as well as inflammation. However, this is advised not to use hydrocortisone cream to some of the body areas such as sunburn swollen face, infected or broken skin and genitals. If using for children, remember that they should be used for the children older than 2 years of age.

5) Painkillers

People also use painkillers to get rid of the pain and inflammation caused by swollen face sunburn. Paracetamol is usually used to relieve from pain which also treat the fever. Aspirin is also good for this purpose but it should not be recommended to the children who are not over sixteen.

6) Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is considered to be a great remedy for all kind of burns and this is the natural way to heal the burns and sunburn swelling face. You can easily find aloe vera gel everywhere from a big to a small drugstore. Aloe gel can be directly applied to the affected area with the tips of your fingers.

7) Tea Bags

Face sunburn treatment also has an amazing way to provide comfort from the burns as you just need tea bags of black or green tea and both of these work quite well. If you have tea bag, soak it into cold water to moisten and then carefully squeeze to spill out the extra water from the bag and then place it onto the affected area.

8) Sunburn Face Peeling & Milk

Milk and yogurt both can be used to get rid of pain and peeling of the face. However, milk is more effective in soothing skin from the burns and it also builds a protective shield which prevent from the effects of burns. While you are using milk for this purpose, add a third of cup of milk (which should be cold and skimmed) into a bowl or a glass. Now soak the cotton with milk and place it to the sunburned region. Leave the solution on face for about 10 minutes and then wash out with cold water.

These are some of the sunburn face treatments which will surely help you get rid of peeling, drying, pain and sunburn blisters face.