/8 Home Remedies for Sunburn on Face – Part 1

8 Home Remedies for Sunburn on Face – Part 1


Sunbathing has emerged for a new way to relax the body and changing the color of skin but sometimes the result comes into the form of red and itchy burns on the skin especially the sunburn on face. If you are one of those crazy people who have dared to put their skin to the overexposure to the harmful sunrays and now facing the results, you can use these home remedies which can provide you relief from the uncomfortable condition until the burns are completely healed. However, you should remember that the damaged that has already been done to your skin because of overexposure to the sun, may not be easy to reverse.

Sunburn face is usually quite painful and because of the level of pain you have to face you may not be able to live your life comfortably. If your skin has been affected with sunburn, you must stay away from the ultraviolet rays or if you have to go out in the sun, always cover the skin burns so it may not get the direct sunlight. Your face is the most uncovered area of your body which is mostly remained exposed to the sun. However, to save your open skin areas from the harmful effects of sunrays, you should always use sunscreen which will provide you with better protection. Most of the problems related to face sunburn can usually be treated with natural home remedies without going to a doctor.

1) Cold Water

Cool the skin burns with spraying water or taking a bath with water that should not be hot or warm. In this matter, you should drinks lots of fluids which include water and other juices that can keep your skin cool and will also fulfill the requirement of water which has been wasted because of natural process of sweating especially in hot summer days when your body sweats too much which dehydrates your body. However, alcohol is also liquid but that must be avoided as this will dehydrate your body rather than providing hydration.

2) Cold Creams

A sunburn peeling face always needs moisturizer which can be got from the lotions and creams that are easily available. These lotions and creams can help you prevent the peeling and drying of your skin. This way is more common because of easily practicable as you simply need to apply these creams or lotions to the affected areas with your cleaned hands. However, this is effective only if the skin condition is not too bad. You should also think about using Aftersun creams which will help you cool your skin pores and keep it fully moisturized that will surely provide you with relief from buns, peeling and tightness of the skin for sunburn treatment face.

Moreover, you must avoid the skin moisturizing for face peeling sunburn because of the fact that such products might make the problem worse. If the moisturizer you are using has aloe vera, it will be great in providing relief and soothing coolness to your skin.

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