/8 Benefits of Milk of Magnesia for Your Oily Skin
Milk of Magnesia

8 Benefits of Milk of Magnesia for Your Oily Skin


There are a number of benefits of using Milk of Magnesia and some of the most important are mentioned here in this article.

1) It Cleans Up Oily Skin

The first and most important benefit of Milk of magnesia is that it can be used to treat the problems with oily skin. It has become a very popular technique and most of those who know about it prepare to use it as the first priority treatment for their skin related problems.

2) It Kills Bacteria

Milk of magnesia contains zinc which is quite effective in killing the bacteria and surely when you have the bacteria killed, your skin will have no more problems to get healthy and if there are any wounds, they can also be treated properly.

3) It can also Be Used as Primer

Milk of magnesia can also be used as primer and many people use it. If you use it before applying makeup, this will make your skin ready for smooth makeup application. It contains oil-blotting properties which are thought to be helpful in reducing production of oil especially during the summer season.

4) It Is Great for Bridal Makeup

It can also be applied to the skin of a bride to keep the makeup stay fresh throughout the day. The use of milk of magnesia can also be useful for the bride during photo session as she does not have to take touch-ups again for getting flawless look in photos.

5) It removes Suntan and Oiliness

The use of MM at least once in a month can be really effective in getting rid of suntan as well as oiliness in your skin and this will greatly help it to stay healthier, lighter and glower.

6) It Reduces Blemishes

Those who are having skin irritations and blemishes problems can also use this kind of milk for getting rid of all such issues.

7) It Controls Skin Shining

Many people also use it as laxative which is considered to be really good in controlling the extra shine of the skin and when you use it as clay mask, it will spill out excessive oil from skin.

8) It Strips Away the Blackheads

People use facial strips and nose strips to remove out blackheads and the use of magnesia milk is thought to be even better. If you have blackheads, cover them with milk of magnesia and when it gets dried, wash it with warm water.

How to Use Milk of Magnesia on Your Skin?

  • First of all cleanse your facial area thoroughly to extract out the excessive moisture and then use a light towel to pat to dry your skin.
  • Secondly, use a cotton ball to apply milk of magnesia on your entire facial area and make sure to apply a thinner layer.
  • It is better to use milk in little amount as it contains calamine and when you have finished application, let it be dry.
  • If you are going out, use regular makeup application but to get even smoother skin, dab loose powder on it.