/7 Ways to Take Care of Dry Hands

7 Ways to Take Care of Dry Hands


If you have the dry hands, you must take care of them or you might have to go through various problems because of the dryness of your hands. The hands are the most used body part and thus they are always exposed to the things such as hot or cold weather, hot water, dry air, sun exposure, harsh chemicals etc. All those factors and many others dry out your skin especially of hands. Therefore, it is really important to take extra care of your hands. Check out some of the useful tips:

I) Avoid Washing Hands with Hot Water

Remember that hot water is a major culprit to strips out the natural oils found in human skin. Therefore, the better way to wash out your hands is to use lukewarm water which will not dry out the natural softness of skin. Secondly, avoid washing hands too much but only wash when you really need.

II) Avoid Using Harsh Soaps

Washing hands too much dries out the natural oils especially if wash them with harsh soaps. Therefore, the best thing you can do here is the use of soaps that can provide moisturizer to your skin. Moisturizing soaps can make your hands softer and smoother. Most of the soaps available at markets these days in the name of beauty soap contain harsh chemical and people prefer to buy them because they are cheaper and have good fragrance.

III) Choose Natural Skincare Cream

You have to be very choosy about skincare creams as it can be an effective way to tackle with the dryness of your hands. Only choose the one that has been manufactured with moisturizing formula with natural ingredients. You don’t have to be worried about such creams as there are various available at markets and easily fit in your budget. Remember when you skin is damp, it is more capable to absorb moisturizer and it is good to apply cream after you have washed your hands with lukewarm water and. Those who work in air conditioned offices should try to apply creams more frequently as the air can be very bad for your skin.

IV) Wear Cotton Gloves

Those with hands drier than the usual should wear cotton gloves before they go to bed. Wash your hands, moisturize them and cover them with cotton gloves at night before you go to bed. This can be really helpful trick to protect the natural oil of your skin.

V) Drink Sufficient Amount of Water

Drinking sufficient amount of water is another great weapon which you can use against dry hands. The advice to drink water is not something new and its benefits are unlimited. Your body needs water and when you supply enough amount of it, it helps it to prevent skin dryness very easily.

VI) Use Cuticle Oil

As mentioned above that dryness can cause various problems, cuticles is one of them that affects nails. Cuticles may be a cause to crack and make your nails more brittle which may put them to be more prone to get broken. You can avoid this condition by using cuticle oil.