/7 Tips for Longer Lasting Curls

7 Tips for Longer Lasting Curls


There are all kinds of hair fashions out there but like checks, curly hair never seems to go out of style. There has been a lot of time and effort into putting curls into straight hair and vice versa, as the tide of popularity shifts this way one day and the other the next. This article will help you consider how to retain the curls in your hair and make them last longer.

I) Using a Hair Spray

Whether you have used a curling iron or blow dried your hair, applying a hair spray just after this process will serve to make and retain the perfect curls, at least for a 24 hour period. Hold the spray at least 30 cm away from the hair, and do not use too much spray or it will clump the hair.

II) Sectioning off your Hair

If you have long hair and are proud of it, curling out the hair in sections is more productive and time saving. Otherwise you will find that one area looks great while the other has fallen flat. Just be patient and systematic and it will work out fine. If you are in a hurry and want to save time, make use of rollers.

III) Using Pins

You will definitely have hair pins somewhere or the other, so rummage till you find them. After you have finished with your rollers or curling iron, wrap it in a curl on top of your head and pin it up. Later, just let it loose before you go out.

IV) Using a Brush

If you have used pins, you might find that the curls are a bit too tight, so using a light brush will loosen them up. It’s all right to let them be if you are scared that the entire process will unravel. But it’s just a thought if you want them naturally loose and bouncy.

V) Giving a Final Spray

Following the curling, pinning and brushing, it’s time for one more final spray with a hair tightening or hardening substance so that the curls are held in place for a longer time. Some females are even known to carry hair spray in their bags and apply it as needed during trips to the powder room.

VI) Slightly Dirty Hair

Believe it or not, it’s a known fact that slightly dirty hair tends to hold curls better and for a longer duration than squeaky clean freshly washed tresses.

VII) Looking at the Weather

It pays to be observant and check the weather report before venturing outdoors. Carry an umbrella if it’s rainy, wear a raincoat or sweater if it’s chilly and don’t forget to protect your curls as well. After all, you have taken considerable time, effort and energy to make them look the way they are. So go ahead and make the best of life while they last, and remember all these hints or print out this article and save it till you need it again.