/7 Tips for a Good Skin Beautifying Routine

7 Tips for a Good Skin Beautifying Routine


While it is true that everyone wants flawless and excellent skin, like everything else this requires considerable effort. Here are some worthwhile tips to follow if you what everyone to gush over your skin.

I – Determine your Skin Type

This is one the first and most basic things you have to be acutely aware of before proceeding to do anything about skin treatments. There are a number of products out there in the market and unfortunately what works for your best friend may not necessarily work for you. The reason is that you two might have been born with very different types of skin-yours dry and hers oily or vice versa. Never use a skincare product before being aware of its ingredients and their possible effect on your skin. In case you break out in rashes or scars, do and see a skin doctor called a dermatologist.

II – Get a Good Cleanser

Skin care effectively starts with washing off all the dirt and impurities that have housed on your dermis so getting and using a good and effective cleanser is one of the best start-off investments you can make. There are a number of cleansers in the market. Choose one that is marked to suit your skin type for best effects.

III – Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a process whereby you scrub off the topmost layer of dead cells on your skin. It is typically done after moisturizing and either a natural or chemical scrub is used. It opens up the pores and hydrates the skin. After this process, your skin should feel silky and smooth if you are doing it right- not rough or bumpy. Using this process once or twice a week is good enough- any more will be counterproductive.

IV – Moisturize

This is the next step in your basic skin routine and you should not only limit it to the face but include the neck, shoulders, arms and feet in this process as well.

V – Using a Good Toner

A toner is used to complete the cleansing effect on oily skin because normal cleansing may not be enough and your skin may feel patchy or oily soon after. Applying a toner will complete the cleansing effect and make your skin feel fresh and smooth. Again, be sure to use one that suits your skin type.

VI – Making Use of Sunscreen

Use a good sunscreen before going out in the day time. We normally tend to hide away from the sun because of its detrimental effect on our skin tone. Applying sunscreen or sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended for adequate protection and safety.

VII – Stick with your skin care routine awhile

We are normally very quick to judge the good or bad points of any skin routine we are following. But it sometimes takes a little while for a routine to show its effectiveness on your skin. Wait for at least a week before you begin to change any routine that you might have selected. Being too hasty will serve no good to anyone, including yourself.