/7 Styling Tips & Techniques for Taller Women

7 Styling Tips & Techniques for Taller Women


Tall height is a blessing and those who are taller than the others always grab the attention of the people because of their height. However, taller height does not look good on some women because they don’t wear proper dresses which make them look bad. If you are a taller woman, here are a few tips for you which can help you look awesome and you will be stand out of a whole crowd.

1 – Combination of Wider & Narrower

Some taller women avoid wearing oversized upper or lower body clothes because of the fear of looking too big like the man. However, they just need to pay a little more focused to be apparent awesome. If you wear a pair of tight jeans with a broad-shouldered jacket, it will look good on you. It simply means you should wear oversized clothes on either upper or lower body area. You can wear wide-legged jeans with tight top.

2 – Wear a Beautiful Pair of Shoes

Most of normal and short height women prefer to wear high heels to look taller and that’s why when someone looks at them, he/she looks their feet to check if they are wearing high heels or flats. Therefore, you should always wear a beautiful pair of shoes so when someone looks at you, gets good impression. For taller women, the first choice should be flats rather than heels.

3 – Avoid Wearing High Heels

You may love to wear high heel because it makes you feel more confident and enjoy being taller than all the other women standing near you. However, if you are taller, you should avoid wearing high heels. For you the better choice is sandals or flats.

4 – Don’t Put Too Much On Your Body

Your tall height is the greatest source of attraction for others and you don’t need to use artificial ornaments to grab the attention of the people towards you. Some woman try to put too much on their bodies such as scarves, bracelets, necklaces, watch, hats, earrings, finger rings, belt hats etc. This all is too much for you and if you simply wear a gorgeous dress that should be great enough to give your personality a charming look.

5 – Don’t Try to Look Skanky

If you want to show the beauty, glow and softness of your skin, do it and there is no harm in it but avoid being skanky as it look dirty and nasty. You better show off a certain body area at a time. For instance, if you put on a backless top, make sure to wear a longer skirt or a pair of jeans.

6 – Expose Your Long & Beautiful Neck

If you are getting ready for a date or just going to attend a party, you should pull your hair back so your long and beautiful neck can be exposed. Now you can wear necklace and earnings to give your neck even more attraction.

7 – Don’t Be Afraid of Oversized Accessories

Most tall women don’t prefer to carry oversized accessories but if they should not avoid it as wearing thicker bangles and wider belt while carrying a large bag will also give them a gorgeous look.