/7 Shocking Facts about Cosmetic Packaging Boxes
Facts about Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

7 Shocking Facts about Cosmetic Packaging Boxes


We all use cosmetics and have wondered what you can do about the boxes that they came in. They are being made in a way that they can be reused. A lot of people do not like throwing their cosmetic boxes like perfume boxes away and use the stuff and put it all back.

Here are 7 shocking facts about the cosmetic packaging boxes that will help you do more than store your cosmetics in them.

This Idea Is Older Than You, and Also Your Parents

Ever wondered when did people ever came up with the idea of keeping everything in boxes and arranging them that way?

Well, if you have not, then this might be some news for you. This idea might not be too old, but it sure is at least 100 years old.

The first ever-packaging box was invented in 1930, and this trend has been carried out since then. This idea was then soon revolutionized and brought to the cosmetics.

Even though cosmetics were not that famous at that time, but Packaging boxes did take a lot of height in that year.

They Don’t Only Secure the Products, But Space Too

If you are a cosmetic lover too and own a lot of makeup and other things, then you must know how hard it is to assemble it all on your dressing table. At some times, your dressing table is not even big enough, and you have to shift to some other place to store your cosmetics.


How many places do you think it would take for you to keep everything organized without boxes? Let me answer that, a lot.

If the cosmetics are not packed in boxes, it would be impossible for you to keep them all organized in your cupboard. We all know that boxes are meant to protect our products against any damage, but they help you storing them a lot too.
You can keep all the boxes one on the other, but you cannot do this with your open products.

This is one reason why it is always suggested to keep your boxes saved after opening your products instead of just discarding them.

Can Open-air Spoil Your Products?

That is quite right. We all know that your cosmetics are pretty costly. Only a simple lip-gloss can range up to hundreds of dollars, and you never want it to get spoiled.

If you keep your products in the open air, let us say a lip-gloss after using it, there is a 1/5 chance you have not closed the lid properly. This can make your lip-gloss dry up too quickly and ruin it completely.

This can be a case with a lot of other products like your perfumes, mascara, eyeliners, liquid eyeshadows, etc.

If you do not want this to happen, a good and healthy practice would be to keep your products always packed in their boxes.

It might take some time after you get ready, but it will save you a lot of dollars that you had spent on them. Do not let just air take away the freshness of all your precious products.

Smaller the Box, the Better It Is To Reuse

While a lot of people believe that the bigger box can be reused in a lot of things, but it is just a myth in fact. A bigger box can save bigger things, but they usually do not cause a lot of problems or are not hard to find anyway.

The real challenge is finding the small stuff in your drawers or trying to arrange them all somehow.

Small boxes have fixed that problem for you quite perfectly.

Your dressing table is always a mess, and you cannot find a single bobby pin when you had owned thousands of them, not a problem anymore. Small stuff like that can get lost very easily, so, instead of trying to find them always, try keeping them in your boxes like your mascara boxes.

That one simple box that did not seem much valuable can help you with a lot of other things.

Cosmetic Boxes Are Stronger

Even though cosmetic boxes are made out of this stuff, they are still stronger than most of the boxes. A cosmetic box is not only supposed to keep your product safe, but it also has to bear the weight.

Cosmetic Boxes Are Stronger

A simple perfume can be of about 500 ml plus the weight of the bottle.

If you have ever noticed, the cosmetic boxes are made stronger and thinner on purpose. This helps you keep your things organized and safe while not having any problems while opening it either.

The boxes, which are often overdone, start causing problems while opening them again and again.

Custom Made Cosmetic Boxes

Most custom-made cosmetic boxes are not simple boxes. They do not only have stuff written on the outside of the box, but at times, they have something written on the inside too.

It is to save the papers that will be included afterward for the ingredients and usage. The companies are getting smarter and write it in the box itself to make it easier to save it.


You probably cannot keep all the papers that come with different products for future use, but the box will always be with you. That is one less thing for you to worry about.

Gifting? Don’t wrap it

Cosmetic boxes have been made special and innovative enough that you do not most of the time need to wrap them up.

While wrapping your gifts can take a lot of effort and time, the cosmetic boxes are designed specially to eliminate that need.

Most people that buy cosmetics are some special kind of artists and like having everything with a unique look and perfection. This is quite the reason why cosmetic packaging boxes are being made more artistically so they can serve their purpose perfectly and also be appealing to the eyes.