/7 Most Effective Tricks to Get Model Makeup

7 Most Effective Tricks to Get Model Makeup


Many girls want to get model look but it seems to be really difficult for them to get it at home. However, it is not as difficult as it is thought by majority of the girls and you just have to understand few steps so you can get started with it. The best things about those model makeup tricks which you are going to learn into this article are that they are not at all expensive or unrealistic.

1) Use Concealer Beautifully

Concealer is a great tool which can be very effectively used to hide dark circles and you can also use it to keep eye shadow in the right place. Most of the girls don’t really know how to use this tool properly but the models know very well because they often use it on regular basis. If the concealer is applied onto the eyelids it gives great help in keeping the eye shadow intact. Also use it under nose and above lips and then use powder on it.

2) Use Bronzer Carefully

When the bronze is used at the right places in your skin, it gives an amazing look to your skin. Also apply a little bit of bronzer on cheekbones, forehead and nose but don’t apply excessive amount or else it will cause you have a fake and unnatural look.

3) Don’t Miss to Use Mascara

If you have mascara in a popular brand in jet black color, you can apply few coats to look like a model. This is a simple yet so effective technique and you must try this.

4) Create a Crease

The most effective way to make your eyes look larger and to give them a more natural look, you can use base with light color such as pink or beige. After you apply base, give it a darker shades for eye shadow but when you choose the color keep it mind that it should match the tone of your skin and also ensure to blend both of them very well.

5) Use Eyeliner

Make sure that you never miss eyeliner as it gives your eyes a bigger look however, avoid to use too much of it and also get a good brand rather than buying expensive one which gives you nothing but waste of your money. It is also good to apply gel stick before you apply the eyeliner in liquid. Start from the eyelash line’s inside corner and then apply to the outer edges of eyes.

6) Use Highlighting Powder

Applying highlighting powder on your skin before you use powder or bronzer over it, can make it look even more natural. This can also be used to draw very attractive eye shadow base.

7) Use Lipstick

Many girls use the unnatural colors which make them look even worse, therefore, the best way to make your lips attractive to give your body a model look, you should try peachy shades or light pink color which are considered to be really effective to shine the skin. You can apply lipstick with natural color and then you can apply lip gloss in natural pink over it.