/7 Most Effective Tips to Change Beauty Rut

7 Most Effective Tips to Change Beauty Rut


Ladies! This is the time to change your lifestyle. Don’t just get bored with the same dressing or hairstyle, do something new, get a makeover and look more beautiful. Try to be more natural than unnatural and if you use the beauty products, make sure that contain natural ingredients rather than harmful chemicals. Follow these seven tips mentioned below to change your beauty rut effectively.

1) Don’t Let the Sun Damage Your Skin

If you think that getting sunbath or extreme exposure to ultraviolet sunrays can help you become tan, you might be wrong because it may also push you to the way where you will be more prone to develop skin cancer. Therefore, you must never let the sun damage your skin and lead you to the death in very young age.

Now the question is how it is possible to stop the sun? Well, you can’t stop the sun but you can stop yourself going out in the sun. Secondly, if you must go out, you must use SPF30 which is considered to be the best protection against sun exposure. This will not just reduce the risk to develop skin cancer but it will also help you bring softness, glow and charm to your skin.

2) Don’t Use Hairdryer

Many women use smoothing iron and hairdryer for hair but they should know that this is not a good habit as it can badly damage your beautiful hair, therefore, you should not use them. Instead you can try a little trick and that is rolling of hair in tower, make sure to weave it back and then let it dry into the air.

3) Try New Hair Color

Why don’t you just give a try to new hair color? There is nothing wrong in doing some experiment. Just image, how you will look in red hair? Don’t say it will not look on you without experiment. This is the time when you need to do something new, something different or something even better than your current style.

4) Addition to Cosmetics

You can also try something new in your cosmetic products such as a new beauty cream, or a moisturizing lotion or even trying artificial lashes.

5) Changing Hair Part Ways

You will be surprised how simply changes part ways can bring great changes in your personality. You can make your hair move on the right, left or in the middle.

6) Setting a Time Limit

Setting a time limit to get ready in the morning is considered to be really effective as you just have to set a limit to fifteen minutes rather than going for full an hour. This will help you decide what products are more important for you.

7) Ask Someone to Help You With Your Makeover

Ask some of your good friends to help you with your makeover. Your friend can give you a better suggestion that what you need to do to get a makeover. Your friend can tell you what dressing style or hairstyle looks better on you and then change your beauty rut accordingly.