/7 Makeup Tips to Make You a Beautiful Bridesmaid
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7 Makeup Tips to Make You a Beautiful Bridesmaid


Being a bridesmaid means you have been invited to a wedding and are the bride’s best friend, sister or some female relative she considers special. Whatever the case, your position as bridesmaid attracts special attention during the event because after the bride and groom, people generally comment about the bridesmaid and best man as well. So you would do well to follow the following tips which are considered great and good advice for bridesmaids to look and feel their best.

1 – Use a Primer

Starting your makeup routine with a foundation is a good step. A primer forms a solid base for the other makeup that will lie atop of it. It prevents runs or streaks and helps keep makeup in place. This is very comforting indeed as it results in less worry for you as you deal with a hundred different things that need to be perfected on the day of the wedding. It covers up all blemishes and makes you look picture perfect in photos.

2 – Use the Right Foundation

This is the next important step. Using a good foundation is one of the best things you could do. Stick with what works for you and your skin type and avoid changing things just before the wedding. Go for quality stuff and read the labels before applying. Don’t be shy to ask a stylist or hairdresser and beautician what is best for you. They will give you some good advice.

3 – Pay Attention to the Center of the Face

The center of your face could unfortunately be a weak spot for you. It is important to cover every blemish, spot or mark in your nose, eyes and lips area because your face will be exposed in every detail upon taking a close angle shot. It simply cannot be avoided so be prepared in advance. Using powder and matte finish makeup to touch up problem areas is highly recommended. If you do this well, you will look brilliant in every photograph and be the belle of the night.

4 – Focus on Your Brows

You can never forget your brows when applying face makeup. It thus makes sense to get your brows done professionally at least a week before the wedding day. Last minute eyebrow fiascos are all too common.

If you are buying an eyebrow pencil, make sure it is not too dark. The best approach would be to match your pencil to your skin tone, so one shade darker should be perfect. You could also match it to your hair color if desired.

5 – Choose Long Lasting Eye Shadow

One of the best things you could do is make a careful selection of the shade of eye shadow you would be using on the wedding day. It should not be too obvious, and softer tones of brown and black are generally preferred to green or purple. In case of streaks or runs, the latter colors would really look awful.

6 – Use a Lip Stain

Lip stain is another important part of a bridesmaid’s makeup. It provides vibrant and long lasting lip cover for the entire length of the wedding night, till the early hours of the morning. You can eat and drink with impunity but your lips will not fade. For best results, use matte or those with a slight gloss.

7 – Mascara

No bridesmaid makeup effort is complete without applying mascara. Some people start and end with mascara, immediately after applying a foundation. This gives a perfect look on camera. The best color is always basic or glossy black.