/7 Habits That Make Your Skin Get Older Too Early

7 Habits That Make Your Skin Get Older Too Early


There are various factors which may be blamed to make your young skin look older. In this article, you will learn about some of the most common factors or habits which are the part of routine life and can cause lots of problems for your skin and ultimately it leads to grow older.

1 – Sunbathing for Tanning

Sunbathing for getting tanning affects may not be a bad idea if it is in limits. However, many women cross all the limits and take lots of sunbathing throughout the day which can never be suggested for this purpose as excessive tanning or sunbathing makes skin get tough and when the person gets order, the skin goes even rougher and more weary.

2 – Smoking and Yellow Teeth

Smoking has become a very common habit or in fact it has become a fashion but those who are habitual of smoking must know that it can make their skin rougher and discolored and with the growing age, its side effects become more visible on skin. Second most visible side effect of smoking is that the teeth get dirty with yellow color and when a woman comes in public with yellow teeth and unattractive skin, she leaves a very bad impact on the minds of the people.

3 – Excessive Cardio for Weight Loss

Cardio is a great way to get lots of health benefits and it is really great for overall body health. However, it is also important to know that doing too much of cardio or other exercises can never produce the results you are looking for. Moreover, if you lose many pounds of weight with excessive cardio in a short period of time, this will cause imbalance and imperfection in your skin and your skin will look much older than your actual age.

4 – Drinking Lots of Alcohol

It has been proven that drinking lots of alcohol causes lots problems including dehydration, loss of collagen, puffiness, elasticity, redness and wrinkles. However, if you keep the consumption in limit and prefer to have it only on weekends or on special occasions, you may greatly reduce its effects on your skin.

5 – Weaning Heavier Makeup

There are ladies who love to wear heavier makeup but they must know that this kind of thick makeup layers clog skin pores and don’t let it breathe properly which then causes breakouts. It is better to avoid makeup as much as possible but if you really have to wear it, wear and minimal and light layer.

6 – Lack of Sleep

If you don’t take proper sleep at night, the next morning you feel tired and exhausted which is resulted into imperfection in everything you do throughout the day. Therefore, you must try to have at least 8 hours of sleep.

7 – Sleeping with Makeup

This is another bad habit of many women who don’t bother to take off their makeup before they go to sleep. Remember, wearing makeup throughout the day and then don’t take it off even at night can be extremely harmful for your skin and you will get the effects of aging too early.