/7 Great Makeup Tips for Brunettes

7 Great Makeup Tips for Brunettes


So you’re a brunette looking for some action but don’t know how to make the best use of makeup tips. Don’t worry, as a brunette myself, I have gathered a number of beauty and makeup tips that I will share with you to make your makeup routine effective and effortless.

1) Use Black Eyeliner

Depending on your age and skin tone, you can use black eyeliner to your advantage. This will quite likely complement your skin tone etc. You can wear black eyeliner with both light and dark clothing colors, but it is recommended to eventually switch to light or dark brown as you age, or it will look and feel too harsh.

2) Accentuate your Brows

It’s a fact that most brunettes have good skin tone so it is hardly surprising that they have great eyebrows too. My advice to you is that you should go to an expert stylist and get your eyebrows professionally arched. This will ensure that you look great wherever you go.

3) Eyeliner and Mascara

Here is one piece of surprising and sobering advice for you: if you do wear eyeliner and mascara, please don’t. I am telling you this because I notice that with natural skin tone and darker eyebrows and lashes than blondes, you don’t really have to pile on the eye markup at all. Count on this as a blessing and substitute mascara with liquid eyeliner. I have seen brunettes get an entirely new look with this effect and end up with a lot of offers for outings at the office.

4) Lipstick

What is the best choice of lipstick color for brunettes, you may ask. Well, experience proves that pink is best for blondes, browns and corals for redheads and red and berry for brunettes does just fine. They are my favorites too and I get compliments from many for the lipstick I use.

5) Blush On

Another makeup dilemma concerns what kinds of blush on colors are best for brunettes. Following the guidelines above, pink blush is best for blondes while browns and corals for redheads, Brunettes are doubly blessed in that they can use shades of pink or brown or corals- whichever they prefer. So take your pick and make your personal mark on the world using the blush color and makeup of your choice. Those with warm tones are better off using coral and those with cooler turns should use shades of pink.

6) Flattering Eye Makeup

It is a fact that brunettes look stunning with flattering eye makeup. Using shimmer can heighten the effect and draw attention to your eyes. It’s my experience that some unique color like green or brown can attract attention from the opposite sex and make you the envy of all the girls, so go out and make it happen.

7) Highlight your Eyebrows

The final piece of advice I have for all you brunettes out there is to make sure to highlight your brows every time you apply makeup or as needed. Doing this deftly and carefully will accentuate the overall beauty of your face and is sure to make you popular around the neighborhood.