/7 Fashion Tips for Women with Hourglass Figures
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7 Fashion Tips for Women with Hourglass Figures


If you are one of those women who have hourglass body figure, you are really lucky and you must feel proud on your body. There would be a large number of women around you who want to be look exactly like you but they can’t because of not having the figures you have. For a woman, having hourglass figure means to have everything because it is not just about looking sexy or beautiful but the most important thing about it is that almost every style looks good on this type of body. Here are a few tips which you can follow to look even more fabulous.

Don’t Wear Loose Fabrics

If you own an hourglass body figure, you must take its advantage and try to look awesome rather than tarnishing your image by wearing loose fabrics. You should never wear any clothes, which give your body loose shape. As mentioned above that every style looks good, you must consider what you wear and it should have proper sewing as well as fitting.

Feel Proud to Wear Pencil Skirts

For you the perfect dress is pencil skirts which fits perfectly on your natural body silhouette. When you wear pencil skits, they can be easily adjusted on your waistline and will make your hips look sexier and more fabulous. Remember, most of the women want to put on pencil skirts but they can’t but you have the perfect opportunity to try this fabulous dress.

Highlight Your Waistline

You have an awesome body shape which enables you to choose from a large variety of belts to be adjusted on your waist in all three low, mid and high figure. Therefore, if you invest some money on buying belts, it will not be waste of money as this will make your hips look so attractive.

Tops with Embellishments

You can buy a large variety of tops but while you are choosing some of them, make sure to get the ones which have embellishments on shoulders or sleeves or bust to grab the attention of the people. This will also help your waistline look even thinner.

Choose V-Necks&Vertical Prints

If you have hourglass figure, you have a lot to show off but if you don’t want to look taller, then you should prefer to get V-necks & vertical prints. In this way you can show off collarbone which will make torso look even longer.

Wear Mid-Waist shorts

Another great benefits of having an hourglass body is that the women with this shape don’t have to worry about wearing shorts and they can wear different types of shorts without the fear of looking bad. Women in HG figure love to beautiful tops with wear mid-waist short.

Try a Good Body Shaper

You can also try body shapers which can help you enhance the beauty of your figure rather than putting extra weight on your body. With the help of body shapers, you can get toned body to get in well-fitted dresses. The Body shapers are considered to be great for evening, wedding and prom dresses.