/7 Essential Beauty Treatments You Should Indulge in Every Week

7 Essential Beauty Treatments You Should Indulge in Every Week


Life is extremely busy these days and no doubt you are feeling the stress at work from time to time. Since we typically do not have the time and space to devote to a makeup routine every day of the week, most of us wait for the weekend to relax, unwind and pamper ourselves to no end. All of the treatments given blow are incredibly easy to do and will make a difference come Monday so don’t tell me you are too busy for them.

1) Applying a Facial Mask

Beauty starts at the base so giving yourself a facial mask is a good way to begin your routine. There are a number of different face masks available in the market using different mixtures of ingredients. Experiment to see which face mark suits you best and apply it regularly on the weekends to get a supple and stunning effect. Honey, apricot and lemon often get used most in this respect. It makes your face soft and glowing all week.

2) A Deep Conditioning Treatment for Hair

Conditioning has had a bad rap. We all have bad hair days especially in winter. Conditioning revamps the hair from the roots inside out. That is why it is so effective. Dove All Repair for dry and brittle hair can work wonders for your hair and bring it back to health and shine in a couple of weeks.

3) Microdermabrasion Treatments

This treatment gets into the pores of your skin and rejuvenates them little by little. Repetitive applications have a cumulative effect but can also dry your skin, so you alone are the best judge. Study the ingredients and apply cautiously the first time around is good advice.

4) A Perfect Manicure

If you are a church goer, there’s nothing like a long and relaxed Saturday manicure session to show off your nails at Sunday mass. Filing, painting, working on the cuticles are three ways to get off to a good manicure session. If you don’t have the time, a new coat of nail polish will do nicely.

5) A Soothing Footbath

We often tend to overlook our feet and the work they do for us in getting from place to place. Some tender loving care every weekend will reward them for the abuse they take every day. First use a loofah and foot file to remove dead skin. Then soak in warm water for about 15 minutes. Complete by applying a foot lotion that is designed to smoothen and soften this body part.

6) Exfoliating to Relax

Who could deny the goodness and enjoyment that a body scrub or body wash can give? Using a body scrub once a week gives you a great feeling at the end of a long weekend.

7) Moisturizing to Feel Fabulous

Using body butter instead of a body lotion makes all the difference in the world, as body butter is guaranteed to moisten your skin much better than body lotion. They come with a nice fragrance too, so you will seem perfumed and ready to hit the town.

This completes the all-round beauty treatment for the weekend that is sure to liven you up from head to toe. If there is a simpler way of making you feel great, let me know.