/7 Essential Accessories You Must Have to Look Fashionable

7 Essential Accessories You Must Have to Look Fashionable


If talked about women accessories, there will be a long list of the items she has. In fact, most of those items are completely useless as she might never have to use them which often make her confuse what she should have and what she shouldn’t. Here is a list of some items which you must have with you.

1 – Time Telling Watch

A woman should always have a watch with her. If it tells the time, it is good because wearing a watch enables you to reach everywhere in time and enables you to finish every task in time. However, it is not always necessary because you can also see time in your cell phone. If you don’t need a time telling watch, you can have the one just for show off. You can also wear it with other accessories such as bangles and both will give an awesome look to your personality. When you wear a wrist watch with other jewelry, remember to match the tone.

2 – Sunglasses

A pair of fashionable sunglasses currently in trend is a must-have accessory for women which she can use throughout the year. There are various option for you to look more fabulous and fashionable by matching your glasses with other accessories such as boots, leather jacket etc according to the season.

3 – Pearl Earrings

You should also have pearl earrings which are considered to be classic type of women accessories and the best thing about it is that it can be worn by any woman in any age. If she is an eighteen year old girl or a fourteen years matured woman, it does not matter because it is always appropriate to wear pearl earrings. You might be wondering how to afford expensive pearl earrings, well, it is not essential to find the original pearls as you can buy in imitation as well.

4 – Wristlet

Wristlet is another great accessory for girls especially when go out with their friends at night. Having a wristlet will enable you to get rid of your big sized purse as it is easily portable and most importantly affordable. Wristlet have enough space to carry all your essential accessories such as your cell phone, keys, lipstick, cash, debit/credit cards, etc.

5 – Daytime Purse

For the nights wristlet are really great but in the daytime, you better have a casual purse which should have enough room to put various items such as your lunchbox, extra clothes, snacks, cell phone etc. Daytime Purse should have both short handles and detachable strap.

6 – Quality Flats

Along with sneakers and high heels, you should also have flats which will give you more comfort than anything else. You don’t have to spend lots of your money because they are not very costly and you can afford to have more than one pair. The more pair you have, the more matches you can find with your outfits.

7 – Cell Phones

Cell phone has become the most integral part of everyone’s life regardless of sex or age. There are still some women who don’t like to carry cells phone everywhere they go. However, this is something that you must have and use as it is not just about making you look fashionable but it has lots of other advantages as well.