/7 Best Makeup Tips for Blondes

7 Best Makeup Tips for Blondes


‘Gentlemen prefer blondes’ is an age old fact that rings very much true all over the world. But when it comes to makeup, there may be some level of difficulty to be encountered because there are varying shades of blonde hair. Here are 7 great tips that you can apply that I have learned painstakingly after a lot of trial and error.

1) Know if your skin tone is cool or warm

Depending on whether you have cool or warm skin, the makeup and wardrobe choices you make will be very different. A skin expert or dermatologist will be able to tell you more about this and the advice he or she gives should be kept in mind while choosing and applying makeup to your facial skin and other parts of your body.

2) Eye color

Especially when it comes to blondes, your eye color can range from blue to brown to green etc. Keeping in mind the color of your eyes is equally important because it can complement and accentuate your beauty. Not giving attention to this important fact can make or break your entire look and feel.

3) Good Mascara

Applying mascara to the eyes is one of the basic makeup tips that every woman uses. However, the choice and color are two things that can make a difference to your look, so if you are blonde, you will have to manage it more carefully than for those with darker skin tones. It will have to complement your skin tone, rather than be too evident, because this could unfortunately have a discordant effect.

4) Eyebrows

The thing to remember is that if you have blonde hair, chances are that your eyebrows are matching that color too. In this case, you might have a hard time looking for lipstick, blush on and eyebrow color to use. One rule of thumb that works is to aim for one shade darker than your hair color. This is quite enough to get you by in the workplace and even when in your social circle.

5) Use of Neutral Colors

Whenever you are hesitant about what colors will suit your skin tone best if wearing new outfits, always aim for neutral colors. Using neutral colors is the new trend nowadays, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a range of colors to match and complement your skin and hair color. As a blonde, I always prefer using shades of grey or brown and would recommend the same to you.

6) Never use Yellow Color Lipstick

It has been proved again and again that because of its clash with your naturally blonde hair and light skin tone, the choice of yellow color lipstick can be one of the worst that you can make. On the contrary, aiming for a darker shade of red like vermillion or even blue can make you stand out and look really coordinated.

7) Using Different Shades of Lipstick

As a blonde, you may have an advantage over others in the wide variety of lipstick shades you can use to good effect. Pink, red, blue and brown are some shades you can experiment with to see the overall effect and comments you are getting.