/7 Bad Skin Habits You Need to Quit

7 Bad Skin Habits You Need to Quit


Most of us want all the benefits and glorification that comes with great looking beautiful skin, but few are willing to make the effort required. Here are some mistakes most people make regarding skin care that need to be avoided at all costs if we truly want great looking and manageable skin.

1) Not Exfoliating Skin

If you don’t know it yet, exfoliation is the process of scrubbing the topmost layer of your skin to remove dead cells and rehydrate and invigorate the skin. Not doing this can make your skin feel dead and dry. It is suggested to try exfoliation both with natural fruit scrubs and chemical scrubs to see which has a better effect. Please take care to ensure that the scrub you are using is suitable for your skin and will not cause allergies. Exfoliate twice a week for best results.

2) Not Getting Enough Sleep

Most people do not get enough sleep because of the long and busy workday. Then the stress at home is another factor that keeps them awake. Taking life one step at a time and not worrying excessively about the future will help you relax and get better sleep. Light exercise about 15 minutes before retiring also leads to fitful sleep.

3) Using Moisturizer only when Your Skin is Dry

It’s not wise to save money on moisturizers when you can see that regular moisturizing has a positive and long lasting effect on maintaining skin beauty. Moisturizing only when the skin is dry is a half-hearted approach to your skin beauty regimen and will not get the results you want.

4) Sleeping without Removing Makeup

I know you’re tired and feel lazy at the end of a long day but believe me, forgetting or omitting to take off your makeup is not only a sloppy habit, but it can lead to negative results for your beauty regimen. Don’t make this costly mistake because it leads to acne, blackheads, wrinkles and many other undesirable effects. Besides, you spend double the amount of time the next morning taking off one lot of makeup residue before putting it on again the next day. It is best to be disciplined and committed to a well-established skincare program.

5) Not Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables

Everyone who is even remotely connected with health and fitness knows the good effects that eating fruit and vegetables has on the body, both inside and out. Making fruits and vegetables a regular part of your diet not only promotes good health but wards off many ailments and diseases, scars, acne and blackheads.

6) Skipping your Exercise Routine

Exercise and diet are the two pillars of success when it is about losing weight and looking more skin beautiful. A little cardio combined with light weight training will keep most people fit and comfortable and help with the beautifying program.

7) Using the Tanning Machine

People love to take the easy way out and would prefer to use tanning machines compared to working out in the sun. While this is okay when the weather prohibits going outdoors, regular use can make you lazy and unproductive at home. There is no substitute for being one with nature so get ready to have the natural way to it.