/6 Ways to Become a Paragon of Feminine Beauty

6 Ways to Become a Paragon of Feminine Beauty


Gone are the days when women and feminine were the same things. Now the things have got completely changed and being a woman does not necessarily mean to be a feminine. You might have met, seen or observed many women who act, treat, speak, dress, communicate and interact like men. A woman must have all feminine features if she really wants to look a real and purely feminine. Here are some ways which will be very useful for you to become a real paragon of feminine beauty.

1) Dressing Like A Woman

If you want to become a paragon of feminine beauty, make sure you always get the clothes which are exclusively for women with perfect fitting and suits on your feminine figure. Dresses like jeans and shirts are worn by both men as well as women and it does not give you a purely feminine look. Wear cocktail dress rather than formal ones to look and feel more feminine.

2) Pay Attention on Your Manners

Manner is something which makes you look more feminine in front of other people. When you are interacting with your friends, relatives, colleagues or even completely strangers, don’t forget that you have to be careful about the manners. Always use the words like “Thank You” “Excuse Me” “Sorry” etc even if you are not at mistake. It might be a challenge for your ego but you should kill your ego if you really want to be a feminine whose manners are example for others.

3) Always Have Smile on Your Face

Always have a gentle smile on your face as smile is an effective way to concur the heart of the people. If you look like an angry young woman from your face expressions like many young girls, you must pay attention to tackle with this problem. Try to be gentle and kind with everyone you meet or interact everywhere at your office, college or home.

4) Avoid Using Harsh Words

As mentioned above that the things have got changed now a large number of girls use very harsh and abusive words while they are talking. Using such language does not suit anyone but the girls must avoid this. If you want to look more feminine, you must get rid of this bad habit that tarnishes your overall character.

5) Avoid Speaking Bluntly

Everyone has to go through the situations when he/she has to speak truth at any cost which might be quite bitter and may also be hurting for some. However, being a woman, you should try to find a middle way in which you can speak truth without hurting someone’s feeling. Say what you have to say but be very careful while choosing words. Make sure nobody gets hurt.

6) Control Your Temper

A real feminine character knows how to stay calm and cool in any situation. You might be having very difficult times and the other may not understand your situation but you must never lose your temper and try to keep it under control.

Final Words

There are various other ways which can make you improve your personality but if you just follow these 6 tips, you will soon notice amazing changes in your overall personality.